Majorly being harassed

People pass by my house and call me all sorts of names like “fat bitch,” that is what some guys on bikes called me. I don’t know why they called me this? I would like to know why. And there is this girl who calls me a “freak.” I’m thirty-something and not a teenager but as an adult I feel people younger than me do this. When someone yells at me or makes a hurtful comment should i look at them and memorize their faces, should i yell something back at them. I’m usually too dumbfounded on why they are calling me this that i don’t say anything at all. When you are the at the end of negative and hurtful comments what is their motive? Is it a rumor gone awry or were you caught on video saying or doing something that would elicit this treatment. I’m majorly being harassed. I feel like an outcast around people who think i’m a bitch, witch, whore, derogatory name of someone who’s homosexual, a drip, a loser.

Has anyone ever been majorly harassed before? How and why if there is a reason. How did u cope?

If you can’t stick up for yourself, do you have a sister or brother or anyone that can help you stop this? If it’s the same people harassing you all the time maybe even your therapist will come and straighten things out. To answer your question, people can be mean, and there are actual bully’s and cowards out there. I feel for you. I live by myself and I have to deal with mean neighbors who try to take advantage of me. But I just call my family when it gets too bad and they " talk me down" when I get agitated or angry at the unfairness of it all.


Might be hallucinations…I used to hallucinate people saying mean things and occasionally it happens even though I am on meds. Some people stare at me. Probably the way I look. I am built and usually wear skulls and black and stuff. Rather expected when you’re the most jacked person in a restaurant and also wearing all black. LOL

Today I went to a restaurant and some old friends and a teacher from high school and I all had a beer. Three people were staring at me. Whatever.


Your situation sure sounds familiar. I stay indoors most of the time. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Yes see121, I thought of asking you whether you are sure this is REALLY happening to you but I didn’t want to offend you. But it’s a legitimate question. Are you sure it’s not your disease that is making seem like people are harassing you? Because I’ve heard of many cases where peoples perceptions of what’s happening to them is not correct. I run into this problem myself when I think people are laughing at me at work when they really aren’t. Next time this happens, just stop, calm yourself and look out your window to see if it’s really happening, get real evidence that this is happening. I’m not saying that it is impossible that people are harassing you, I’m just saying get evidence.

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Dear 77nick77

I feel hopeless, People are really making comments at me, but i try to just ignore them. What can i do about a bunch of people who hate me? I get yelled at a lot by people, like when walking from the bank 2 guys in a red car yelled “■■■■ you” at me. I feel like i’m too deep in to do anything about them. They have been doing this to me for sometime.

They’re just assholes. It’s sad that people like them who are really causing all the trouble make everybody else feel bad and make innocent people feel like they are doing something wrong. Like I said, do you have anyone in your life who will stick up for you?

have you tried making complaints to local authorities if they are real? I don’t know about other countries but in the US every police precinct has a non emergency 911 number, maybe if you looked it up and said you felt people were harassing you and you wanted protection they might send someone out to keep an eye out for you. Of course if you truly feel your in an emergency situation you could just dial 911. When you talk to the person on the other line I’d describe the people who are doing this to you, and the times of day when it happens the most maybe they could catch them and give them a warning that they could be arrested if they don’t stop harassing you like that.

wow, i am really sorry this is happening, i was only talking about this on another thread…
i do not advice my way of dealing with it…
the best way is to ignore them, show them it does not hurt you ( even though i know it bothers you ).
there are mean and horrible people out there.
know some one cares.
take care

I guess those who called your name are a group of naughty, mean teenagers. They might have a little social connection with you through your sisters or brothers or they had once met you at a party. o now when they passed your house they called your name showing that they had met you somewhere before…this is just my guess. Anyway, those people are mean and bad breed. It’s not worthwhile taking their comments very seriously because they are rotten rats so they don’t deserve your attention and energy.

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Is there anyway to hurt them and exact your revenge?

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If you know that people so you are right but if you dont know them as @mortimermouse has said it’s likely hallucinations.

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Reminds me of these teenage punkrockers I used to hangout with. They wore studded leather jackets and had brightly colored mohawks and when they were bored and couldn’t find a way to score beer they would target people and harass them. They’d throw dead fish in your lawn and yell obscenities at your house in the middle of the night, call you up and mess with you.

I guess they were just bored and full of teenage angst. They eventually vandalized an entire town one night and got caught, most but not all learned their lesson.

I find it odd that it’s more than one group of people though, if it were just one group I’d say sure it’s possible but if it’s coming from multiple people/groups of people it could be delusion…

How did I cope? An amazing method worked.

I had with me an active audio recording device at all times when exposed to others. Funny enough, when you can collect evidence, as done here via recording, no harassment occurs. It just comes to a sudden halt.

However, if harassment suddenly starts again, that simply means the batteries must need recharging, thus the recorder automatically shut off, or the recorder has crapped out, or you forgot to turn it on.

Even if it does not work for you, at least you have the facts recorded such that way no one can say that it’s just all in your head you crazy crazy person you.

It’s a win win situation.

One of the things that my therapist did in high school was role play (I’m not sure that is the right term, but I think it is.)

She would have me say the things that my sister (you can use the people who yell at you) would say to hurt me to her. She would reply in a way that diffused the situation. I can’t remember any of it in particular (we didn’t do it much. My sz issues sprung up pretty soon after I started seeing her and we spent a lot more time on that.) But she gave replies that took the words out of me. I couldn’t think of any other negative things to say and she won the situation. It really helped me learn because I had a solid example of what to do.

You could also buy a squirt water bottle till you get good at that and squirt those jerks in the face and then just walk off.

thanks green6 i think your right, you all have helped me cope with your helpful replies, i will not try to take their comments seriously even though its hard sometimes