Being ''different''...?

Do you like people who are classed as ‘‘different’’

I do because I feel different I better understand

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It depends.
Different isn’t always a good thing

As I’m getting older I’m becoming more moderate in my preferences


I feel ok bein different and also feel better tan te average joe IMO

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Yeah if I’m referring to myself I don’t mind being different

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I want to empower all who feel different

This tune explains it better.

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another tune i love

I’m not empowered by memes and affirmations. I’m powered by accomplishment.

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maybe ur missin’ the point I’m making on this topic @ozymandias

Well said


I understand your point, I just don’t agree with it.

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we agree to disagree i accept this

All people are unique just society wants to be everybody same

That is wrong.

No one is unique.

We’re all very, very similar that’s why we have to be so nit picky about what we hate in others.

As a people we’ve had to resort to such trivial things as color of skin, who they have sex with, where they were born…

That’s how alike we are.

I think it’s very egotistical for anyone to think they’re special, unique or different.

I spent a time thinking that of myself,

More years on this planet later,

I realize it’s absolutely not the case.

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Wrong wrong you just see everything wrong ,without wisdom compassion and hope. You lower people’s value and gifts they have. Keep your negative attitude for yourself


I have very high self esteem.

I just don’t think humans are that different from each other.

You just want to think you’re somehow special.

Sorry man,

No one is.

It’s your true . You cannot tell there is only one true

How old are you?

They ara all humans with different flavours. With different views philosophies and worldviews like you and me

Not your business