Being ''different''...?

I think society actually likes ppl being true to themselves and therefore, different.

The thing is that we are not all confident enough to express that. Our unique selves.

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But media influence not they just tell all women should have big boobs and man have cars Lamborghini

But on deeper level they are that’s positive attitude you have and hope

Okay keep doing morning affirmations :rofl:

What does the word affirmation mean?

Idk if that’s what I plan to do in the mirror.

If positively befriending myself in the mirror is funny, then I’m confused because I don’t see anything funny about that.

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Is funny because you don’t take action to better yourself, you just tell yourself a bunch of subjective crap.

Yea social media is a distorted view of reality. I’d like to see some changes there one day.

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Yes I think we need to stop controlling the world and people and future and now. It’s impossible to control everything. We need to just exist shine and love. Go with the challenges and innovations be whole connected and not separate


You just assume that. You don’t know me.

Having said that, my plans to better myself are on a stunt atm. I can’t start until I start eating moderately ie stop with my food addiction.


:roll_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m proud of you @zoe I think you’re doing a great job. You have great introspection. I think we all have problems with food addiction so don’t be embarrassed

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Thanks I really appreciate that. Addiction is a pain in the ass for me!

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Just trying to help… but sometimes it’s difficult.

I see hmm. At the risk of going off topic I think we turn to food when we’re dissatisfied with life. Finding things that make us happy in life is the key imo. Best of luck to you finding your happiness. :heart:

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I was just thinking about this. Like it would have been nice if my parents didnt call me special and my dad didnt say I was different than everyone just to be called a non-special person and treated like a freak.

Thanks for the pearls of wisdom. I shall acknowledge them and put them in my pocket :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Any time :yum: I appreciate ya :heart:

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