Do you think you're uniquely different from others in a bad way?

It’s hard for me to think others might have the same crappy thoughts /hang ups/worries and flaws that I have . It’s as if only I could be that way.

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I used to think that like a lot. But I was fairly isolated and didn’t see other people who had it worse. But when I started getting out more, it was undeniable… I was not the only one in the boat.

I met an under 10 year old girl who was doing water therapy at my sister’s work. cystic fibrosis and suspected childhood onset Sz. Yet she had bigger dreams then I did. It’s hard to feel sorry for myself when there is a kid who had it worse, and yet was fighting better.


That is probably 3/4 my problem, as I see very few other people i have a very limited reference point.

I didn’t know many adults self-harm, but found out my Dad used to do it, and then I went on Self-harm forums and there’s a whole bunch of “older” folks doing it, not just a teenager thing.

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I alcoholics anonymous they talk about “judging your insides by other people’s outsides”.


And not to do it!!!
Do you go to meetings?

Well meet one right here. “Raises hand”.

i am a sith lord…so yes.
take care

Yes and no. I feel unique, but aside from my schizophrenia, my MMPI-2 results were very similar to an elite combat veteran’s psyche, according to the psychologist I was seeing at the time who was former US Army intelligence. I do see my struggles as unique because there is no typical case of schizophrenia, but I see many people experience the same or very similar things I have experienced. I sort of like being schizophrenia in the sense that there is no cure- I would take a cure, ■■■■ this illness. But for now, it makes me have a more stable lifestyle free from drugs and drunkenness. Instead I am very into fitness and a straight A student, and am known for drinking caffeine constantly to combat the sedation from my meds.

No, I am not unique in a bad way. In a roundabout way, schizophrenia has made me stronger. It has made me strive to learn about psychology, make straight A’s as a psychology major and keep my body in tip top shape. It keeps me from doing hallucinogens or getting drunk and dropping out of college like a lot of 21 year olds. At first it was hell, but the medicated lifestyle has brought me peace and happiness.

But don’t get me wrong, schizophrenia sucks. I dont think it is a good thing. There needs to be a cure and we all need to take it and live well. I still have some problems with anxiety as a trigger, finals and midterms are not good times for me, I sometimes start to crack but just a little bit, I still function, I just get very exhausted by them. Stress is not good for me. Normal people dont hear voices or vomit due to anxiety while something is bothering them.

By a lot of people’s definition I’m “a normie”. Yet, I also have some exam panic that will have me hearing people yelling for help and I vomit like I’m going through morning sickness on the days of finals.

Midterms usually come with some basic anxiety and I have burst into tears or hyperventilated during an exam and was told to go outside and calm down.

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Is anyone truly unique? People tell children that they’re special but is it really true? As kids grow up they try to be individuals, usually by adopting the affectations of various social groups. Adults are the same way. Everyone can be categorized, very, very, few can be considered unique.

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I am a unique individual. Just like everyone else. :smiley:



Our experiences shape us. And two people can be having the same experience but will perceive it differently. So our experiences and our perceptions make us unique. No one looks exactly like us or lives the EXACT same life. In these ways you could say we are unique.
Do we all have things in common? Yes we do.
But maybe uniqueness is a matter of degree. Growing up as a kid and thinking back now of all the people I knew through school I can’t think of anyone I knew who I could compare to someone else I knew and say, 'Wow, these two guys are exactly alike".

The more I travel and meet other people, the more it seems everybody is basically the same, just their techniques are different.

yes i think i am different but not in a bad way, i am different in a good way and that makes all the difference,

like if you think most people are bad then it makes you try harder to be good and nice and you end up fighting all the hate in the world with love which is stronger in my opinion,

only weak people use violence, and curse and swear, shout, bite scream
you are a stronger person mentally if you are a nice person, most people who are nice have nice things happen to them and that is the truth, we were born with more muscles in our face to smile than to frown, its more natural to smile and be nice than to frown and be bad.

I agree with daydreamer. also we are more sensitive due to our sufferings. however, I feel I don’t function as well as my healthy siblings for example. that bothers me and makes me feel less than others.


I must be a horrible person then, or an exception to the rule. :frowning:

i don’t think you are a bad person firemonkey, you do so much good on this forum and everybody here likes you and your input, even people who cannot post are nice in there own way,

most people with mental illness have such a low opinion of themselves that they do themselves harm rather than harm others which is very sad but what does that tell you about the person? that they are nice people and would rather hurt themselves than hurt others

Yes. I have no empathy - never have. I could be a monster, but I’ve turned out not too bad.

i think 4 out of ten people will experience a mental health problem of some sort in their lives thats quite high when you think about it.

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