Being cursed with the truth

@Itsme these guys talking here are absolutely sure in their beliefs. all I can do is try to put the fear of God in them. they won’t change their minds anyways. I just don’t like that atheists can get on here and rave about their beliefs and I have to shut my mouth about my beliefs because I’m christian.

I feel you bout not being able to state our beliefs on here cause there so called “triggers”!
But still Love is better than fear, Love is His commandment after all.

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None of these staunch non believers on here are reachable anyways. I was not passing judgement by the way, Christ will do that.

Didn’t mean you were… And he doesn’t want to lose even one… So keep up ur faith it’s an inspiration for me to speak up too

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I understand that this is the Unusual Beliefs category, but you are a human dealing with human morality in a forum filled with other humans, subject to human rules. So maybe cool it on the defense of child trafficking and chicken rape.

@wonderdunk @Onddruid


Wait, so you are saying you don’t believe in gravity?

I must type this fact once more…

The fact: There is a World of difference between reality and what we want.

I am guessing you are basing your entire interpretation of this thread on the response by that turnip person. Please read what I have said before you make up your mind about what I am saying. Nowhere have I said those things are ok, I have even explicitly said that I do not think those things are ok. If you are too tired to actually read what I am trying to say or don’t understand, it is ok to ask but it is rude to assume I am saying things that I explicitly do not.

In defending your original premise, you stated that there was nothing intrinsically wrong with these things. Did I misunderstand?

Guys here is my theory…

I’m an Atheist who proved that God can’t exist.

I stated that intrinsic value is intrinsic to humans, not to the outside world. There is a reason some values are shared by more animals and humans, like for example incest being taboo, but the value only resides in humans (or the animal in question).

This is not to say that I do not think it is bad, it just means that value is something human. Don’t you see? This was never a discussion about morality or a defense of acts that people think are immoral, I do many things just because of my principles alone - I don’t eat meat, I only use second hand stuff because I do not want to take part in consumerism, I do not lie because I do not want to hurt people around me.

Saying that there is no absolute morality in the world is not the same thing as defending immoral acts. This is a kind of strawman interpretation. If anything it means that I will not just blindly follow hollow moral codes without questioning and betray the underlying principles of my own morality. You see I am a human, so morality and empathy are in me too.

I wonder why you people reason that I defend immoral acts when I say there is nothing outside of humans that contain value, is it because you believe in some kind of moral code out there? What proof then have you of that?

I think it doesn’t matter if it’s intrinsic to the universe or not. Our reality is a human reality. Whether rocks or silicon atoms in a plasma state or 19th dimensional consciousnesses have different opinions on murder and child rape is something of absolutely no interest to me.

Also please remember that a fair portion of the readership here have experienced some pretty shitty stuff. Suggesting that there’s nothing actually wrong with what happened to them and only human morality makes it seem as if there is is a pretty crappy thing to do. It might seem academic to @wonderdunk and his chickens, but many others aren’t so lucky.

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I will get to reading that later I think but my position on god is basically that it makes as much sense to argue if there are invisible elves living in my lawn whose presence cannot be observed in any possible way. It’s just irrelevant.

Numerator divided by denominator means numerator is cut into denominator times. Numerator divided by 3 ( Denominator is 3 ) then it means Numerator is cut into 3 equal parts.

1/0 means 1 cut into 0 parts. It means 1 disappears. It means God exists.

But it is impossible to cut Numerator into zero parts so " Gods cannot exist ".

Ok maybe we are getting somewhere, now aside from obvious statements that we will probably all agree about, how do you feel about a more ambiguos statement, that many believe in, but people have many different opinions about how to realize? Take for example “equality”. The idea that all men (and women) should be equal. What are your thoughts on that?

Shadows do not talk. If God created us, the million dollar question is, why do we need parents?

Do I think that a certain type of human should have dominion over other types of humans merely by virtue of the type? No.

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Good to know that “no” is the answer to that irritating social order question.


Yes but how would you realize that? Is the world like that now?