Cursed from birth

So like i just figured it out i saw it in my dream and now i no why iam unable to feel happiness in my life i saw that i was put under a dark a powerfull cursed before i was born i was laying in my bed i was sent to the past and i saw my mom when she was younger and she was pregant with me and i had done something bad in a pervious life and this black magic was placed over me i finally reliazed the turth no wonder the dr told me i had schizo bi bolar and major depression ugg my life i suffer so badly… aanyone else been cursed also?

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sounds like a bad dream scary321, when it comes to dreams things are usually not all black and white, they have a hidden meaning but it is usually always based in reality, i have a dream dictionary that can interpret certain dreams and it tries to explain the meaning of certain dreams and how it might have meaning to you in reality,

i believe that dreams work on an unconscious level to try and filter and make sense of things, they cannot be taken literally, they are like deep parables that we need to ponder, these unconscious dreams sometimes are so powerful that they break through the subconscious and then we wake up and can remember them, i have had a dream that i was on a ship sailing down a street full of water really fast, now that isn’t going to happen.

Do you know how witch doctors kill people with voodoo curses? When a witch doctor in Haiti or somewhere puts a curse on someone it scares that person so much because of the witch doctors reputation that sometimes the victims drop dead from fear. It’s the power of suggestion. Maybe you’re scaring yourself needlessly. Are you going to live the rest of your life based on a dream? Most of what Daydreamer says is a little correct in his post but to my understanding there is still no definitive answer to what ALL dreams really mean. There is no "catch-all’ dream analysis that covers ALL dreams. I’d hate to see someone give up on their life because of a dream or two. Are you really going to believe dreams are true? Think of how many weird situations you encounter in dreams that make literally no sense and are often absurd, bizzare, and impossible. Why would you pick this ONE certain dream and take it seriously? Why should you believe your dream about a curse when none of your other dreams are coming true? You are CHOOSING to take this dream seriously. It was probably just nonsense. It is one nonsense dream among a million other nonsense dream that you’ve had over a period of a lifetime. You will probably not ‘fly’ tomorrow or fall of of a cliff and survive, or have all your teeth fall out, or meet Abraham Lincoln and Madonna, or have a 7 legged dog talk to you. So why should a dream about a curse be different from any of those or taken more seriously than those? But I understand that some dreams are more vivid than others thus causing them to stand out and be remembered. But I seriously doubt that you are cursed. Even if there was such a thing as curses, which I highly doubt.


i pick this dream because it expains everything about my life

That doesn’t make it true. But maybe I misunderstood your original post. Maybe you are saying that the dream gave you the IDEA that you’re cursed and now that idea seems to explain your life. Do I understand you now? You don’t really believe the dream is true, you just believe that the IDEA from the dream is true in real life and it seems to describe your life?

My mother is a devout Pentecostal Christian and believes in things such as generational curses. I remember one day when I was a teenager before I got diagnosed with SZ but after several years battling anxiety attacks, she said to a friend out of my sight, that I have not got the look of God in my eyes. I was surprised to hear that, and figured then I must be possessed by a demon or something.

i can see visions of my life in my dreams it doesnt mean they will happen but they can happen like the curse that i have i couldnt be more certian that i have a cursed placed on me to torment me for the rest of my life the only way i survive is acohol all the time the thought of being eternal damned isnt a plesent one i did something terrable in pervious life.

Saadiqah there is no god no offesive

You are entitled to your opinion, but I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you.

god hates me :frowning: 20 characters

If there is no God how can there be the supernatural power of curses…? Both are true. the curses can be broken if there are any…and only power that can break them is God.
If I told you all my family history it might blow your mind, and I wouldn’t call it a curse, though many Christians would and have called it that. I work with it. God put me here for a reason. God has shown me the truth of many things. Things that have been confirmed, and some things i can and have taken action on.
I turned any curses into blessings with Gods help and the holy angels. This is what God wants us to do. Jesus gave us power over serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy (spiritual enemies) so that nothing may hurt us.
The stuff I’ve experienced and shared here and elsewhere all really happened…it is certainly no coincidence and at times it is obvious gods hand was guiding and intervening.

‘I’ve crossed the ocean, turned every bend
I found the crossing near a golden rainbow’s end
I’ve been through magic and through life’s reality
I’ve lived a thousand years and it never bothered me’
~~ Black Sabbath, Supernaut

I feel like I am cursed by somthing. My father said about four months ago that god was cursing our family. I think the greatest spiritual feeling that motivates me to accomplish in life whatever is expected of me by myself and others is bieng held from me. I used to get feelings where i tingled all over and felt I could do accomplish anything I wanted, and felt so healthy spiritually. I also realize I curse poeple and I think this is why I am not spiritually fulfilled now.

the only things i have been cursed by are men.

I’m sorry you’re hurting. Lots of people are.