Before you began taking your meds did you convince yourself they wouldn’t work?

I don’t know if it’s a delusion or just being neurotic convincing yourself that there is no medication that will help you, and you will be psychotic forever? Did anyone else experience feeling this way?

I’m no it was the opposite.

I was like, this is GONNA WORK, THIS IS GONNA WORK.

I feel really irritated today. BTW. Hope you’re well


<3 I dont remember. But i observed when my mother convinced herself that she was ok and then she stopped taking the pills, but the thing that brought her back enough to get her to accept she had a mental illness was possibly weed. some people i dont recommend everyone go out and smoke weed, some people it causes their illness. Everyone is diferent. So think of it like that.

If everyone is different, than not all meds will work for everyone. Have a nice day.


That’s an awesome attitude to have, did they work for you if you don’t mind me asking?

Seemingly yes but not fully.

I don’t hear voices in my head anymore. Nor outside my head.

Just hypnogoccic ones…

But delusions still come and go.

What about you?


I just started taking them, I guess that’s why I’m nervous. How long did it take for yours to kick in?

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i hope your meds will work soon!


Seemingly they worked after about 2 months.

Good luck you’ve gat this!!!


Which medications and doses are you on??

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Yeah, I didn’t think they would work at first.

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i didn’t give it much thought when i started taking the meds… they gave them to me and i just took them but didn’t give it much thought if they would work or not… i just thought i had to take them.


it’s only later into my sickness that i started to think about if they would work or not… it was weird.

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I was hopeful that I just had mental illness and with meds everything would go away. But it didn’t :frowning:

300 mg of Seroquel

I did not know what was happening to me cause I was in so much emotional agony. I just accepted using the meds without any expectation. I had zero insight at the time.

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If it’s ok for me to ask, what did your emotional agony feel like?

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It was tremendous fear. I feared the plot against me was there to make me insane and to be the proof that I was indeed crazy.

The anxiety was unbearably. It was so bad I wanted to cut myself open.

I asked the psychiatrist on my first appointment what is wrong with me.

She said I had delusional paranoia. I was baffled cause I thought the entire world was delusional and I was the only one sane one because of all the emmotional agony I went through.

I tried so many many things to get rid of my pain. I quit drinking and smoking hoping it would help if I walk the straight and narrow. I actively participated it church activities to get my soul ready. It all didn’t help. I was so confused but still believed I was right in all my actions.

At least it was better for my physical health to cut the cigs and booze.

I put cameras everywhere in and around my house to catch the stalkers. I sat nights through watching camera footage of cars driving by etc.

My emmotions as a result of my delusions and paranoia was hell itself.


Wow, I’m sorry you went through that. Could you experience any positive emotions when you were at your worst, like love and warmth or were the other feelings too overwhelming?

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