Bucket list

One item is to be banned from the forum, but that might fuel :fuelpump: my illness!

I’m thinking posting a full frontal might do it :stuck_out_tongue:


:scream: Full Frontal :scream:

Nothing I can do about my bucket list till I win the lottery

My bucket list is empty. Not much I can think of to want.

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I want to get my PhD. I got my MA from a Cal State and getting into a doctoral program is at the top of my bucket list.

I also want to live independently, off housing aid and able to afford housing at its full cost.

Lastly, I want global fame like pewdiepie. Just kidding, that would make me super paranoid. Unless I became anonymously famous and rich. That would be cool. Like the blue man group, nobody knows their real faces!

Maybe you could join a agency and be a extra in some random film…

I know a few people that do that.

I think a lot of travel is on my bucket list. But I don’t want to skydive or bungee jump or anything like that.

Dolphins and puppies kissing me whilst I bungee…
Then off to mc Donald’s for. HUGE banana milk shake.
Stay in a plush hotel for 2 weeks with room service and the swimming pool.
I want to dry I door sky diving it looks like flying…
I’ve done a skydive…
If you do one mKe sure you do it FIRSt…
I would ,ike to travel the world joule Verne wY…
It’s a luxury exotic travel company…
Eat a lot of cake
Swim a lot

I wanted to do a tandem parachute jump and even lost the weight to do it, then found out they won’t do it with people with psychiatric history :frowning:

My bucket list includes going to Iceland.

My grandfather surprised me for my 27th birthday and is paying for me to go ^^

I’m so excited and happy, got tickets already :slight_smile:


I’d like to go paragliding and snorkelling and also to be weightless in zero gravity,

Also want to earn some money doing something like what I do in my voluntary role

And I’d like to meet someone nice and start a family

Why would I wan’t to do a thing like that?
I feel like an involuntary extra already.
Someone uses my phrases and my distinct personal property (3 or more items)to mock me in commercials, and both of my names have been used as titles for 2 different movies.


I would like to get my bachelors degree and hopefully live a normal life. Because of this illness all of this has been put on hold.

I didn’t consider it to be triggering.

Realistically you could find something else as empowering!

I’m currently doing a ou degree. Not sure if you can do something similar where you live.

I’ve heard of the glorious feeling one gets when one loves and gives to others. I’ve never had those feelings. Just felt taken advantage of. So, I would like to feel the fulfillment of loving.

I have no idea what that is. ou degree?

Im gonna go complete something on my bucket list with one of my best friends later this month :stuck_out_tongue: It’s nothing huge and kinda silly, but I’ve been wanting to go to a thrift store and buy an outfit I could use to get married in. Like if my boyfriend and I elope I would already have something in my closet that would be perfect to wear, you know? Some other stuff is to create a poem for each of my (future) children, create a family tradition/pass down a family heirloom I started, visit Ireland and Spain and Mexico, and publish a book.

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In the UK you can do a degree through distance learning at the open university www.open.ac.uk

You can do almost all of it distance learning if you have a disability. I’m in my second year of studies atm.

There are similar programmes in other countries too!


I want to star in one of those infomercials, where the people fail miserably at incredibly simple tasks.


I did mine in Australia they don’t give a ■■■■ there maybe u could travel somewhere else to do it.