What is on your bucket list to do before you die?

I’m trying to come up with a bucket list. What are some of the things on your bucketlist?


Why are you thinking about death? Are you over 80 y.o.?


#1 is I’ve always wanted a bucket. Give me a bucket and I’ll die happy and fulfilled.


I’ve wanted to travel, see the the world a bit. The only times I’ve gone anywhere out of this area was when I would move or go places for interviews. I’ve never had a vacation for which I was able to travel.

I’d like to see more parts of the U.S., but also places like Europe and Australia.


Get my new name on my license.

Marry if my partner treats me good enough and isn’t using me.
Or someone who is all I want and loves me .

Get more tattoos.

Get my younger pierced again and hopefully give my boyfriend the best blow jo b he ever had.lol

Have friends n my friends for ever even after death in love with loved ones.

Be brave cool calm peaceful and loving when it’s time to die and have no fear and not be terrified at all.

Come with my boyfriend.lol

Get back to a healthy size eight.

Be united with loved ones for ever in love.

Laugh with loved ones.

Help someone by existing and being me and being kind.

Keep my x boyfriend as one of my best friends in spirit keep in touch with best friends etc in spirit.

Meet my loved ones in Sweden again.

Be forgiven by the woman who is perhaps my closest and who owns my apartment be forgiven for letting my boyfriend live rent free there while he rents his place for $615 a week and doesn’t pay us anything.using me?yet I can’t say no to him or he will break up with me.she doesn’t know and he told me not to tell her and i don’t usually keep secrets from her.

Dance with a partner beautifully.

Ride my sacred neigh in love for ever.

Get old.

Try delicious new food and drink.

See new movies that are great.

That my best friend julie I had and I are still best friends and that she’s got my back and cares I have a partner that’s good to me like she used to.

  • Visit a stripclub (possibly even receive a lapdance)
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Visit Thailand
  • See the Mekong Delta and visit the surrounding countries
  • Visit a buddhist temple with monks
  • Find a lifepartner
  • Have my legal name and gender changed, with the corresponding surgeries of my choosing

I want to direct a feature film, or a film that’s at least 45 minutes long.

The film industry rule of thumb is that one page of a screenplay should equal about one minute of screen time.

I think I can write a 45 page screenplay easily.

I have a pretty funny idea for a horror/dark comedy movie.



On my bucket list - to tell my twin brother that im bi-sexual. But im waiting till my mother passes on, cos she will never understand. (i know none of them read here).

And to see my daughter grow up and give me grand-children. Make the peace with my ex-partner - and to tell her im not actually the mad/bad bloke you think i am.

  1. I would love to be able to build and move into my own house.
  2. Travel some more around the world
  3. Go back to uni and study more, such as Economics or Physics

I would be a very happy woman if i could do these things.


I want to visit London and Tokyo. I also want to try a lot of foods I haven’t tried yet. Maybe visit Mexico for some authentic Mexican food. I never really travel outside of the USA.

Riding a horse, riding a dirt bike, going around a race track in a fast car… sky-diving would also be nice. I’d say bungie jump but I already did that one. What I remember most about it was feeling my eyes being pressed back into their sockets as I fell down face-first.


I want a 5th wheel trailer and a truck to pull it with.

I also want to move to a warmer climate.


Flynig to Germany. Stay there for 3 days. Enough time to soak up the atmosphere.
Quit smoking in my lifetime.
Loose 30 kg of weight.


Going to the Lourve to view the art
Visit Japan and pray at a shrine
Get all max levels in world of warcraft
Invent something
Write a book
Finish the Xfiles, all seasons

Thats about all i think


I’m not really the type who plans ahead but I’d like to marry the guy I like (but who broke up with me) and have kids one day. I’d like to move back to Honolulu with my family and drive again. Honolulu is a nice place to raise kids. There’s monthly free museum days and religious organizations. It’d be nice to drive them and read to them and make sure they show filial piety and watch out for me if I ever get sick. It’d be nice to be able to attend weddings and graduations and be invited out by others for dim sum and understand more about the mentally ill community. I’d also like to do something nice for clubhouse attendees. I get invited to a birthday party every year and they seem to really need help. I have trouble making friends with them due to their group mentality when it comes to meeting new people outside of clubhouse, but one of them friended me on Facebook yesterday! When I first got schizophrenia, I treated someone from support group for iced tea at Barnes and Nobel, but in the long run I’m always prevented from actively helping. In fact people mistaken my help all the time for random acts of kindness. (Such as taking my peer coach client to the free art museum day and she doesn’t appreciate art.) It’d be nice to travel too. I have too much mi atm to know where I want to go besides to visit family and friends but definitely Japan since I watch all their travel videos, and maybe other places too if I can afford it later in life. It’d be nice to try new restaurants, go on a friendship road trip with my bff, and learn more about support group. I can learn a thing or two about life from Women’s Group, but there are other support groups where you’re just expected to be happy and act like nothing’s wrong. It’d be nice to be able to help, for once.


I think about death because I’m afraid I’m going to die.

my bucket list:

produce my own hobby wine.
fix up an old ford mustang, not sure the year.
travel around the united states and canada
learn spanish
see the boston celtics play live
see lots of music shows
hike the pacific coast
hike the appallachian trail

just a few i can think of.


Travel to N.E. U.S., Israel, Spain, and Ireland.
Improve to advanced level in piano performance.


I want to get a new electric pianoaccordeon. But this will happen within the next 10 months. Not really a bucket goal.

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Go to a beach somewhere in England.