Been on a sugar free diet for a bit. Binged on cookies just then now am feeling anxious. Think it’s the sugar or disappointment in myself for binging

First sugar for a while. I am trying to support the local convenience store which just opened. My problem though is that if giving the temptation I will totally binge on foods then make myself sick.

Up until a month ago we didn’t have a shop in the village. This was great for me. I would order a healthy grocery shop which would get delivered and there was no temptation.

But now there is a shop and man I am not used to the temptation.

Tbh I feel like a complete prick with no backbone. I can’t even control my eating habits. From 16 to 30 I was bulimic which handled my weight (albeit in a horrific way). But since APs I have lost the gag reflex so unchecked I binge but am unable to purge.

I saw a dietitian once but they didn’t seem concerned


I think moderation is the key. Sugar once in awhile isn’t the end of the world.

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moderation when used leads to lack of moderation! ha.

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Try not to be so hard on yourself @anon94176359 It sounds like you were quite successful limiting your sugar intake which is great. If going to the local convenience store poses to much temptation, can you limit your visits to once a week or once every couple of weeks? That way, if you do purchase less healthy snacks, it is infrequent. Maybe consider those days as your “cheat days” and schedule them so they’re not random. That way you feel more in control.


Big title lol But yes moderation is key and I think completely cutting carbs is bad for health as the brain can almost only use carbs for energy. It cant use fat properly enough to supply its energy. Thats what my university physiology teacher told us.


For someone with a history of Eating Disorders this is very difficult. Jim you should see a counselor about your eating disorder.

I think @anon99082702 said something about overcoming an Eating Disorder


Yeah. I don’t have problems with food like I used to.

I still go overboard on occasion. But it is unusual to binge


I have been eating a lot recently.

Just feel hungry all the time

Not sure what it is


I’ve been eating a bunch of junk food lately not a lot of sugar just like pizza and cheeseburgers ha ha! Yes!! Yea so I eat completely healthy starting tomorrow ! But it was a great three weeks!

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