The difficult circle of bad habits/addictions

  1. If I avoid most carbs I crave sugar(mostly ice cream)
    I will go awhile with eating very good for my blood sugar and weight and then after a few days I cave and eat some ice cream. Maybe this is a question of moderation.

  2. I quit smoking with gum and now have reverted to an E-cig. Probably better than cigarettes but would be better if was nothing at all.

It’s so difficult to break off habits/addictions without replacing them with something else. Especially when you are bored. Like when you eat more and gain weight when quitting smoking.

Just some thoughts and sharing. No other real point.

Any thoughts?


Yeah, AA knows that. Cross addictions are very common in alcoholics and addicts.


Yes, as you know I’m also diabetic @Bowens

If I deprive myself of too many carbs I start craving sugary foods and I cave in and eat junk food as well

So now I allow myself some complex carbs into my diet like a couple of slices of whole grain bread.

Diabetics should not avoid carbs completely.

I’ll substitute sugar with honey from time to time, like occasionally adding some honey to my coffee.

I hear you though @Bowens

It ain’t easy for sure

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I can relate on the vaping. The thing is though vaping doesn’t piss off my neighbors and I spend way less on it than I did on cigarettes.

I was buying cheap gas station cigars for a few weeks and I’m almost addicted to those because of the good throat hit but I’m going to stop buying them because I hate wreaking of cheap tobacco.

Sometimes you jump into one frying pan to another, but at least the new frying pan isn’t so flaming hot.

I heard an artist on Goderd’s Gold the other night saying something like “If it takes watching TV 8 hours a day, or Yoga, or whatever it is that gets you through the night then more power to you if it works for you.”

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@Bowens I 'm in almost the same situation. I love icecream and try to avoid carbs the most I can. Since I quit smoking I eat more. Before i was smoking compulsevly now I am eating compulsevly.
Yesterday I bought sun flower seeds. It keeps me busy and is less food. And for some reason I can not stop eatting apples.
Did that happend to anyone?

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My habits changed a lot when I switched meds. I’m more regulated to not eating all the time. I don’t really think about food much. I vape though which i know is more negative than positive. I drink way less coffee too since getting off invega.

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Okay, I’m going to sound judgy. But I also have diabetes. In the beginning I got sugar cravings when altering my diet. It was nasty. But I didn’t give into those cravings. I’d distract myself and also eat things that weren’t sugary in nature. Eventually I stopped craving sugar and sweets altogether. I have cravings now, but I’ll crave foods that are healthier and have more of a sour aspect.

I’m just saying, don’t give into the cravings. Your body won’t stop craving the sugar, it will keep wanting more if you binge. It is best to ignore the cravings and then your body will stop wanting it. You have to go through a hellish period to re program your body. Is it worth it? Yeah. I also found treats that I really love that do not hurt my sugars and that’s really cool.

Our bodies are ■■■■■■■■, not gonna lie. But we do have to find ways to live instead of slowly killing ourselves as diabetics.

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no, its not judgy at all. thanks for the input.

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Before sz and antipsychotics i could very easily quit vaping now i cant


It is just so tough to ignore carving. Clozapine makes me hungry and constipated. I was sitting relaxed and all of a suddent I got munchies. Yes getting into binge feels worse.
Thanks for sharing @anon55031185

@Rainstorm I got into smoking after antipsycotics and lots of my wellbeing changed after that. I was also vegetarian before.


Yeah, I know. You can try, when you get cravings, to eat something sour. I eat a lot of pickles. Sour foods tend to have fewer sugar content. I eat a lot of pickled things. I think it’s possible to control the desire for sweet things. It’s just really hard work. For me it got easier though. I rarely eat sweets anymore and when I do I control it, and not because I’m binging.

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That’s a good tip. Thank you for it.
Right now I am getting into seeds. Are not sour but I eat less. There are moments when binging hits me hard. Like out of nowhere

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Yeah, when the binge feeling hits you, try to distract yourself mentally and physically. That’s when you can really employ your relaxing techniques and self calming activities. When you get the munchies, ask yourself why you are feeling that way. Sometimes boredom, stress or anxiety can really trigger it. Then you can find healthy ways of dealing with those feelings, instead of eating. I also know that meds are appetite stimulants and that’s really frustrating being hungry all the time. It’s a battle for sure.


Yeah I get munchies in the evenings after my olanzapine dose. I would be a walking zombie going towards a fridge. I also changed fron smoking cigarettes to inhaling smokeless tobacco.


At first I thought I needed cigarettes for boredom, until I quit them. And yeah binge hit me first out of boredom after I quit smoking. But hits me harder because of stress anxietty like you said. And meds enhances all those.
And there’s also fear.

And if I look back, all those feelings would make me smoke and add some hidden anger to it.
It looks like I replaced smoking with eating and I am doing my best to get my stomach to listen.

Thanks for sharing. I was looking into diabetics and for sure that is not easy to deal with.

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