Been awake for 16 hours

I typically sleep for 12 hours stay awake for 12 hours… I feel mentally exhausted its definitely bed time. Gotta push it for a few more hours to get on a regular sleep schedule.

Hearing voices, getting “messages” and I dont have the strength to fight it. All I can do is keep telling myself its absolutely not real.


And time is moving slower and slower.

my time clock is screwed, waking up early seems impossible these days. i only do it when i have no choice

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The later I stay up the better. I like going to sleep at 1 or 2 am and waking up between 12 and 2 pm gives me an hour to get around and the a couple to run any errands I might have. The whole morning is just a waste anyways. People are either asleep or working.

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Mornings for me are so bad, I post-pone them until after 2Pm.
There is nothing so important it can’t wait until after 2PM.

If I was awake so long, I could not function at all in the next day.

Got about 11 hours of sleep and all is good… I’m going to avoid having to stay up that long again. Had to do it though was tired of being awake when the whole town was asleep.