Been around 8 months since episode


i have had any hallucination or voices since like 8 months ago maby like 2-3 weeks without meds before i was put on meds. i wonder how long untill im able to get off meds im hopeing maby 2 years . i think im one of the top percent that will get better once they are off meds since i only had like 1-3 episodes tops.


this is why I get so agitated when some on here post they don’t need meds…if you are schizophrenic you stay on your meds…forever…it’s kind of hard to find the right meds for each person but once they work with their psychiatrist on getting the meds right…they can be happy. are you not happy on the meds you take? @Franklin


im schizoaffective diagnosed mine worked pretty well i got on abilify 5 mgs and now im on 15mgs with not saying i dont need meds im just saying that one day i wish i could get off them it is possible iv seen some testimonies .


I will tell you this, but I’m not sure if you’re listening…there may be one out of about one hundred I would guess that don’t need meds…find meds you can feel happy about and don’t fret about it…taking meds is good for a schizophrenic 99 percent of the time. cheer up…


My psychiatrist says 30% can go off medication.


I don’t believe that to be true, sorry…


My psychiatrist says he can assist me to come off medication after 2 years of complete remission. I have a lot of doubts about this action too. If this is unsuccessful, I may even lose my current ability.