Do you worry that you will need to stay on meds to stay stable?

I was wondering if anyone else worries that staying stable means staying on meds…forever.
Can you go off them after you get better for a while? :hushed:

yes, i am. i was off meds for over half a year, but the delusions came over me and i was back in hospital. i wish a med free life for all of us, but i doubt its possible.

I am sorry to hear that :pensive:

maybe one day we can dream right? my doctor told me its was not for ever but i doubt it

my therapist told me that it is probably permanent. But I can dream right?

Im a lot better than i used to be and ive been able to half my meds i hope to reduce my meds again sometime in the future but i dream of being med free

Thats why i dont take them.

It’s pills for life. It’s like someone without a leg thinking they can throw away their crutch after a few years. A lot of people ( like me) find this out the hard way.

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I don’t see myself getting off the med’s ever. If I just miss one dose I go on an emotional binge. When I’m not medicated I am a very angry person. I don’t like being like that.

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Although i must admit, there are cases, where people lost their mental illness and symptoms after a while and they never needed to take medication in the future. Some of them are on youtube.

The greatest relief is that supposedly every 1/3 of schizophrenics can live a normal life after a certain time.
Another 1/3 need medication but they also can live normal lifes.
And the last 1/3 medication doesnt help and they are at the need of hospital care etc…

I don’t worry about it, no.
I’m fortunate that the meds do what they do for me.

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“Side effect or drug trip?”

I want to try to get off meds someday since my pdoc changed my diagnosis from f20 schizophrenia to f29 psychosis. Right now i am still on Invega Suspensa which is supposed to treat sz

here is an interesting article from Mad in America about managing schizophrenia drug - free that you might find interesting . its your choice and your life some people can manage their lives without medication and some cannot i think it just depends on the individual and what works for them

I have fear of relapsing even with meds. I will never risk it.

What dose are you on if you don’t mind me asking?