Been an idiot

Had far too much to drink last night - and ended up being accosted by a new local Electric / gas supply salesman they never gave the name of knocking at my door.

Signed up giving Direct Debit details for a plan i fully didnt understand - and to switch my supply. What an idiot ive been. Phoned current supplier to put a block on it. Ive got visions of them now charging me an exit fee - cos they have my card details. Dont drink folks. Its trouble. Im assuming i have a cooling of period to cancel. I hope they honour it.


Yeah sometimes drinking leads to mistakes. I’ve made a lot of them unfortunately. Hope you’re able to get this straightened out. Good luck.

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Yeah happened before - im prone too much to please, and be a “yes man” when ive had a drink. Annoyed with myself cos i couldnt even be assertive at my front door. Ill sort it with the bank. Note to self - “Dont answer door when under the influence” :slight_smile:

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I don’t drink these days so my new policy is just, “don’t answer door.”

Works like a hot damn, if you ask me.

Hope you get it sorted, mate.


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I think even if you haven’t been drinking and are in full command of your mental faculties those salesmen can be really intimidating. I had quite a few at my old address and it was a job and a half to get them to go away. I hope you can get it sorted out

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yeah @shutterbug @firemonkey.

The guy was intimidating - but would have handled it better had i not been pissed as a fart. Phoned the bank and put a block on and phoned power company to block it as well. My own damn fault.

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Mrs. Squirrel has the problem of not being able to interrupt anyone and salesmen just keep going. Then she gets mad at me because I’ll walk up to the door, tell the sales weasel, “not interest, feck off” and slam the door on them.

“That was rude!”
“So what?”

Honestly, sales people are like a Hitler pinata at a barmitzvah: Every swing is guilt-free. Doubly so with phone telemarketers as I try to make them cry whenever possible.



I would ring them up and try to cancel it if I were you. Best bet is to go on and get the cheapest deal, you could save hundreds a year. I switch my energy supplier all the time, they never have cancellation fees and it is not much hassle.

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I don’t use liquor any more after being a damn fool with someone I didn’t love or even like. Liquor leaves one wide open to make regrets. It’s the nature of the beast.

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