Bed bugs 🐛

Have any of you ever dealt with bed bugs before? These things disgust me. I thought they were mostly eliminated from developed countries in the past but have recently seen a lot of news stories about outbreaks. I’ve read that cockroaches are their natural predators. If I had to choose between living with roaches or bed bugs, I’d choose roaches I believe.

In a place where people come for support for tactile hallucinations this thread is really innapropriate.

I’ll take the picture out. Is that less offensive?

I’ve never experienced tactile hallucinations so it’s easy to forget that other people do. I’ve only had auditory hallucinations.

A guy with SZ has been msging me over PM. I honestly don’t think I can help him much because I’m not very talkative like I used to be since quitting the prozac. Do you care if I send him your way for help @Minnii. You seem like one of the nicest ppl on the site.

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Sure. Send him my way.

And yeah, it’s better without the picture :slight_smile:

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