Damn Roaches EVERYWHERE!

I keep seeing roaches everywhere. And feeling them crawling on me. But we don’t have roaches, we’ve never had even one. And aghhhhhh I hate it!!! This is bringing back my roach neurosis!!! I hate damn hallucinations!

Can your doctor … or better yet, why doesn’t your psychiatrist increase your Abilify dose?

I sometimes “hallucinate” rats at work. And spiders.

There times when I’m “stressed”. Are you stressed? I don’t know when I’m stressed, or rather, I never know the cause of it and don’t recognise it til stuff starts getting weird or frightening.

Maybe you have some now.
They come out in warmer weather.

You can talk to your doc too.

I have real cockroaches in my apartment i live in.
I woke up to feel one on my face two times on 2 different nights.
I was afraid of going to toilet last night cause they come out at night.
Other night i went to kitchen and there was over 10 visible ones .
I killed over 10 baby ones last night when i dared go to bathroom with a shoe.

I clean once a week.

Mine is real roaches.
Others have seen them and ackknowledged them too. :slight_smile:

I also had toads on my face and they were real toads but that was way out ozi bush land.

Ah I’m sorry I know my ear thing probably didn’t help…it wasn’t a bug BTW…I had someone check…

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Turtle, I see rats too. They are mostly in my bedroom and the devil is there too.

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I don’t see her until the 29th and can’t see her sooner because she’s in India.

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I was about to say i hate them but i read some wikipedia about them and they are kind of interesting.

Dating back 320 million years and most species are inoffensive, some even understand kinship.

Guess i like them to.

It’s a good thing she isn’t in Texas or something. I trust a doctor from India, no racist.

My roommate recently bought Madagascar hissing cockroaches to give to her sister as an xmas present but she might keep one of them. So now we have rats AND roaches in our apartment. I don’t think you’d like it here lol.

Those are quite valuable. And dubia flying cockroaches. We used to keep tanks of them so we could feed em to the snakes and owls at the nature center I worked at.

Time to call your pdoc I think.

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