Apparently, I am not well

I don’t know what it is, but the team is coming to see me at home. Have not slept well in days and i am very irritable. I was on the phone to the crisis team, and she asked me if i am hallucinating and why i can’t sleep. I said we have bed bugs so i can’t sleep. I said I am not hallucinating when she asked about the bugs.

sorry man, I hope you get well soon. people don’t always imagine bed bugs

no i am not imagining them we have pest control over

sounds like they just think your crazy

aww thank you so much that helped


man, bed bugs…ugh…I am sorry you have that problem.

Bed bugs are terrible to dal with. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t sleep well either :fearful:

I suffer when I get poor sleep. Hope the pest control people sort out the bed bugs. That stuff is torture.

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Don’t you need to buy new furniture? Or do they live in the walls?