Anyone wanna chat?

Can’t sleep having a hard time! Listening to music and smoking cigarettes. What are y’all up to?

I’m sitting here, scared as crap. I was outside for an hour, a bug, huge roach with wings? What the hello? Made it inside my house. It’s dive bombed me twice. I’m afraid of bugs. Does this mean I’m going to have them everywhere?


I’m listening to music and smoking cigarettes as well. I can’t go to sleep yet and there’s nothing good to snack on, need to get groceries tomorrow. Wish I could think of something entertaining to do.

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Sounds like a June bug but it’s kind of late in the season. They are harmless but gross. Kind of sticky.

It is long, with antennae and wings. It just came after me, again. I have ant and roach spray that I use on ants.

Here roach roach roachy. He’s going down lol


He’s met his match…swattt

Dude i’m Scared shitless of roaches!!!

I’m going for a drive I keep going in and out of psychosis

I’ve hit him with my hand, once, and a carton of cigs, once. No way am I getting roaches… nope


Lol go for it!!! Don’t back down!!! Show the damn roach who’s boss!

This is a June bug

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I sprayed him. He’s rolling around on the floor. I’ve got my brace off to kill his nasty self with.

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Send us a picture

He’s not dead yet lol

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You need to cultivate more spiders. A big huntsman spider eats all your bugs and I often find dead cockroaches. Not sure they are on the diet but I let them live!

If I saw that spider, I’d probably pass out.

The roach got away… omg! I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

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@rogueone oh hell naw!!! I would pass out just like @JustTrish


We don’t kill them if we can’t help it. If they are on your bed or something then maybe. They keep the bugs down and without insect screens they are something you have around. We had two cats…so anything that moved was pretty much toast. These days no cats but huntsmans are ok in our book!

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@JustTrish I read in a article that the roaches are evolving because they are get use to the poison that it won’t kill them

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Yep that’s true, luckily we don’t have them over here (yet)