Becoming a vegetarian again

I’ve become a vegetarian again lately. But not as strictly as before. I might eat fish once in a blue moon so strictly speaking I’m not a vegetarian but semi vegetarian.

I’m also concerned about food additives and want to get rid of them from my kichen as much as possible if not all.

I just want to avoid what’s not good for my own health.

Here in Japan people usually see vegetarian people weird or strange, and ask us what we are actually eating. It’s also hard to find vegetarian meals in restaurants. But well I don’t eat out much anyway.

It’s fun to look for vegetarian foods and foods that’s free from any additives. They’re usually a bit expensive, but hey, we are what we eat. It’s worth spending money on what makes us.


Good luck! I’m eating less meat. Only once a week. Mostly vegetarian dishes at home, and if possible when I go out also.

Thanks! I’m excited and feel very positive about this change.

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Sounds like Pescetarianism. My primary physician is convinced that it’s the healthiest type of diet, as long as people are careful not to eat seafood/fish that might have a lot of mercury (like she would advise to purchase farm-raised fish, for example). I think meat is okay, but the grass-fed, healthy type, which can be more expensive. Not everyone can afford it. I think if you stick to fresh foods that you cook yourself, you will already be doing a lot better than most in countries like the U.S.

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i am happy for u.
the animals also have feelings.we can’t bully them and eat them
japanese they usually eat fish alive.its so so scary

people like us is not allowed eat animals

jesus =jealous
that is how we went crazy

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I became Pesco… sth as @Turnip called it a couple of weeks ago. The decision was made for me because all of the sudden I became feeling sick after eating or even looking a the meat. I observed an operation (proximal femoral replacement) during my recently completed placement and there and then was fine but now the thought of eating meat puts me off. The picture of that removed bone from a human flesh stands alive in my memory. Maybe it will pass I don’t know, for now my fridge is full of veggie and fishy stuff and feeling really great on that diet. Have more energy and generally physically better. I will try to keep it on…

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Enjoy it and have fun! I’m a vegetarian myself and am so happy I chose this path. No animals have to die for me, I’m loving it! It makes it so much easier to cook and its cheaper too. :blush:


Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Yeah I don’t do it as strictly as before :wink:

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I admire you! I think I once tried to go vegetarian. It didn’t go so well…thus, I hold a great honor in my soul for those who are able to do so. Best of luck to you!

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Endorse yourself for choosing this path. I spent the 1980’s on a macrobiotic diet-a diet invented by a Japanese man, Michio Kushi, who is now dead.

Just make sure you don’t replace all that meat with simple starches like white rice and pasta. Stick with whole grains, brown rice, and lots of nuts and beans if you can. You may also need to take an iron supplement if you start feeling tired and dizzy, but always ask a doctor first. Taking an iron supplement when you don’t actually need it can hurt your liver. It is possible to get all the iron you need from veggies, but it’s a bit harder, and you really have to pay attention at first.

Im not a Vegetarian, but I rarely eat red meat and mainly eat grains and chicken/fish.

I do like Spinach.

Hey thats a very good decision. I would do it too, if it was possible for me. I tried and it felt very good. But too much cereals and especially vegetables make me fart endlessly and thats why i can only live off of meat and animal products, with as few of the mentioned above as possible. Lol.

Lol!!! If you only kept me a company after my veg lunch: whole can of baked beans heh… for the first week of veg/pulses diet I was so sympathetic for my other half that I thought I would have forced myself to eat meat after all… but to my surprise after two weeks of such diet my organism adjusted somehow… I don’t suffer from mentioned in your post side effects anymore. Thank goodness… otherwise I would become responsible fully for the speeding up of the global warming, lol… :sweat_smile:

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