Beauty in the eye of the beholder

I finally got around to telling my therapist I couldn’t find any beauty in myself. I can hardly look in the mirror. We talked a while and it was decided that I needed to work on finding that in myself. Problem is that I have no idea what I think is beautiful any more.

All I could think is kindness and willingness to give. What do you define as beautiful in people?


Innocence, self sustainability, sobriety, respecting others… people who pay their debts. SZ people :smile:

hmmmmm… I had something else to add… of yeah.

Beauty in the eye of the beer-holder.

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I think it is beautiful to see the most sad looking people being happy with themselves, because that’s what really makes everyone else like them too.

If I had a choice between a good-looking, mean bitch and a plain women who is nice, intelligent, and loyal, I would take the plain women every time.


take care :alien:

People I do not find sexually attractive are just as pleasant sights if I think they are good people. Maybe better than “just as pleasant”. Actually often times better.

An example would be an old friend who I don’t find my type at all–just the sight of them makes me feel happy.

Physical beauty is often skin deep. Not always. Often. Looks can be deceiving. It’s frustrating when someone looks my type but everything else about them is not.

It’s all relative and it’s not intrinsic. What I find sexy might be appalling to you.

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@Gwen777 it’s nice to see you back again. Hope things are getting a little easier.

As far as beauty… I like patient and kind people.

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I like kindness, gentleness, and strength. Someone who will hug me gently, wipe away my tears, and then go get the sob that made me cry.

Do you have somebody in your life that gives you a sense of appreciation? She/He should find you beautiful and his opinion should be weighty enough to make you feel pretty. I think i saw a picture of you once and you were absolutely gorgeous. I dont know how people like you can develop these negative thoughts.