I'm not beautiful

I have such an energetic personality that people expect I’m larger than life and a stereotypical looking woman. I don’t look old, but I don’t look amazing. It’s hard to feel good when people hate me.

Why do you think people hate you? I often go unnoticed, I do not really have many friends, but this is ok with me. When I sometimes visit places such as flea markets I hear people speaking, for example, today one younger man complained on the phone how they had drank beer last night and he had hangover. I do not really want to participate in their drinking parties, but I rather stay in my place and sleep well.

Being beautiful is so much more then physical. We are all beautiful in different ways. There is a post I see on my blog a lot and it says something along the lines of: Even models don’t look like models. And they don’t. Take off all the makeup and undo all the photoshopping and they aren’t what they first appear to be.

Love who you are. You are unique and beautiful in your uniqueness. :heart:


Every one is beautiful.


Not feeling beautiful was one of the symptoms in my sz, I usually did feel lied at when people tells me that they find me beautiful, I don’t feel ugly anymore, maybe because when I look at the mirror I don’t recognize my self at first look…it helped me to know how strangers can see me when I could see my self as a stranger at first look !! How sick of me to say that…it’s a symptom don’t really fall into it, it’s not all about the looks, people are appreciated by their beauty of their souls…I don’t recognize people by their look, mostly because of my sz I can’t memorize faces or voices or they will hunt me, so I look for the soul…

wow , another person who thinks they are not beautiful ! but you are.
i am addressing chordy as beautiful chordy now,because she is, and i will do the same for you, so see you later, beautiful StarryNight.
take care

I once put my photo on one of those sites where you get rated, along with other members of a newsgroup. I scored a 4.3. That told me a lot. I have never been good looking.As a child other boys said i was the missing link and as a teenager i had monkey chants directed at me. It is worse now i have missing and broken teeth. Every time i open my mouth it reveals my ugliness.

There is a lot to that. My kid sis has been fighting anorexia and those magazines that say all girls should worry about a “thigh gap” and they aren’t pretty with out one. Girls should have exactly certain proportions and white teeth, and perfect fingernails and thin ankles, and small feet, and they should never sweat, they should have thick hair and on and on and on… no mere human can keep up. The fashion world to me is the sickest industry on earth. The more I see of it the more physically ill I become.

When I’m meeting a girl who is kind and will give me a chance, I’m not going to be judging her ankles or her butt. I won’t be conversing with her butt.

It’s weird to see my sis and some of her friends actually let some opportunities pass them by because they don’t think they are good looking enough. “No… all the pretty girls will get picked for dates so I won’t go.” “Nah… they don’t want someone like me for the teaching job, my teeth aren’t white enough.” (???)

Even the people we call “beautiful” don’t look like that with out a team of experts, photoshop and a host of other things. Beauty that is pushed at us through magazines is an illusion.

If you are kind, caring and open minded, you are a rare gem and therefore I bet you are very beautiful.


I don’t hate you and neither do others here I am sure. we are different… that’s all. you’re very fortunate to be energetic. lucky lucky you.

as far as looks, who needs those plastic doll faces? not I. I like, no I love, a loving face.


You don’t have to look amazing. This may sound corny - but outward looks don’t mean so much anymore. It’s all about how you feel on the inside. If you are feeling good about yourself, this will project to the outside world.