You believe that?

Can you believe that there are people here who believe that they look good?

I can’t believe it.

It’s freaking wierd to see that sometimes.

They actually believe that they look good.

When one is not good looking, one has to make up for it with personality, and people usually do.

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I used to be good looking!

I was a damn good looking young man at one point. But this doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere. These days I’m overweight and much of the time unshaven. As for personality, I suffer from a delusion that this was taken from me when they burned my brains out with some sort of chemical…

How a person looks doesn’t matter as much as how he handles it. There are advantages and disadvantages to being good looking or ugly.

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My theory is that everyone is ugly.

You haven’t heard people rave about their beautiful grandchildren.

Yep, some people are good, and others simply look good.

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They don’t look good though, have you looked at us lately, have you really looked at people?

People don’t look good, not in a superficial way, not shapes and colors or anything like that, it’s the other stuff, it just doesn’t look good.

i look good in a darth maul kinda way.
take care

I do not know why this happened to me, but one day I went to this wholesale warehouse - and everyone in the store looked ugly to me. I am not saying that I am a model, but for some strange reason every person I saw looked horrible, usually I am not this way, but that day everyone looked tired and just very unattractive - I think that it was my mind perceiving others in a distorted way

It sounds to me like a bit of psychosis is stepping in. I do believe there are naturally beautiful people (psychically and/or inner) out there. I am not one of them, I but I do think there are many out there that look beautiful. I’m not saying who, because right now all I can rely on is celebrities and I know most of Hollywood is fake. … but in reality beauty is there. At least in my opinion.

i think you are projecting :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Some women were raised by asses who taught them looks are all that matters…Enter the weight gain from psych meds and it’s taught…With the exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia and depression from the onslaught of symptoms, social problems and just normal stress of trying to survive in sometimes inhospitable world and it’s tough to even get up the desire to get out of bed, shower, etc…At least when the symptoms first start & it feels like world is crashing down around you & sometimes the mental care is crashing down around you too/not helping at all…

I dont know what to label it. It happened for that one time only, it might have been depression also - who knows.
I do know that usually I am not this way, I now find beauty in unexpected places - it is usually about perception and how one is feeling at the time