Bad waitress

I ordered food in a restaurant to go today and the person who checked out my order expected that I would tip her. She directly asked how much I was going to tip and I laughed in her face and said, “I’m not getting waited on, why the hell would I tip?” Then she “accidentally” dropped my salad when handing me my food.

Do any of you have similar bad experiences?

Have any of you worked as a waiter/waitress before? I wasn’t being rude for not tipping her, was I?

I always tip. Poor waitresses don’t make squat. Why didn’t you want to tip her?


I got the food to go. I didn’t eat in so the waitress did not do anything but ring up my order. I always tip if I eat in and they serve me, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate since they didn’t wait on me.

The whole point of getting it to go is so you don’t have to tip. That was really entitled of her. I probably would’ve said “ughh a dollar” but you weren’t in the wrong

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I always tip for carryout. They don’t get paid well (usually far under minimum, because it’s assumed that money will be made up in tips), they’re taxed as if you had tipped them, they have to assemble your bag of food for you. Plus, they’ll remember you next time.

I would only not tip for carryout if service was egregiously bad and I had no intention of ever ordering there again.

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I always think of this when the topic of tipping comes up.

I’m indifferent to having to tip people because it’s an injustice that shouldn’t fall on us.

Note: Not linked a video before so hope it works out.

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If all she did was take your order at the counter than you shouldn’t have to tip. It’s not customary to leave a cashier a tip. It is also not customary for any service person to ask for a tip. For waiters and waitresses a tip is always implied but not mandatory. Waiters and waitresses get minimum wage so tips are a large part of their income. 15%
is considered alright, my sister was a waitress for many years so I always tip 20%. Waitressing is not as easy as it looks, they are on their feet 8 hours a day and have to work fast and carry heavy dishes and sometimes they have to deal with rude and impatient customers.

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A very informative video!

I never realized tipping was another gift from prohibition!

I always assumed tipping was common everywhere! I’m shocked it’s only customary in the USA. I wonder if waiters/waitresses in other countries expect customers from the USA to tip.

Food service workers work hard for their money. One group of food service workers that don’t get tips are workers at fast food places like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Long John Silver’s. They out to put out a tip jar in those places to be evenly divided by the crew.

This thread reminds me of this classic scene from reservoir dogs: :grinning:



Haha omg yes! This is also what I think of…

I had watched this movie with my brother some time ago and this was my favorite part by far.

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