Bad start upping seroquel

I’m pretty sensitive to AP’s. Even low doses seem to affect me a bit.

Yesterday I went from 50 to 75mg seroquel. I had a vivid bad dream this night that woke me up. I can’t remember dreaming like that for years. And today I felt like crap. I tried to go into town and go to the restaurant i frequent, but I was too wasted on the drugs. I could barely walk straight. I scared away a young woman on the bus that sat opposite to me. I don’t blame her. I must have looked really “wrong”. I was thinking if this is the way it’s going to be I can forget about working.

I will try to take 62,5mg tonight and see how that goes. The doc wants me up to at least 100mg, but I don’t know if I can tolerate it. My mental health felt a lot worse on 75mg than 50.


Seroquel didn’t work out for me too.


I hope you get it all straightened out so you can feel better.


I was on 600mg of seroquel. Its a horrifying drug for me.

But may work out for others… i dont know.

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