Bad News About School

I’m feeling stressed now. I just talked to my school’s financial aid department and my aid runs out next May. No more loans and no more grants :frowning: I’ve been taking out the maximum on my loans because I didn’t realize there is a lifetime cap and that’s what I’ve been living on. I thought once I get my degree I’ll be making good money and will just pay the loans back. I’m going to apply for as many scholarships as I can. My GPA is good, 3.97, so hopefully that will help. There are so many people applying for scholarships though. My mom and I can apply for a private loan, but we both have sucky credit. If worse comes to worse I’ll have to pay out of pocket at $700/month for half time status or $1,500/month full time status for nine months. I can’t afford full time without any help. I need to finish my degree though if I hope to pay back any of my loans. I feel hopeful about it yet hopeless at the same time. I really wish someone would have told me there was a cap. It’s probably in the fine print that no one reads. There is one other option. I have an opportunity for an internship. If I get the internship maybe they would pay for school. But if it’s a paid internship in any way I could risk losing my SSD which I need for the medical benefits. I don’t know what to do. :partly_sunny:

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Sorry SunGirl… Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get a scholarship.


Thanks Barbie! I’m going to have to get multiple scholarships as they usually only pay around $1000. Oh well, things always seem to work out. Now I just need to stop smoking so much. I’ve been chain smoking since I got the news. It’s only 2pm and I’m almost through a pack of cigarettes. :sunny:

There are many internships that don’t pay, so hopefully you will be able to snag one of those. Fingers crossed for you!

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I am so sorry to hear this. Is there an advisory office that has a list of all the grants and scholarships that are available?

Applying for all you can sounds like a good idea. I hope this works out for you. I know how much you want to finish this. I’m rooting for you.

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I would be very careful about applying for private loans. I had to do this with my Masters of Public Health. The terms of the private loan aren’t the same as subsidized loans.

First of all, the interest rate for these tend to be VERY high. Plus, you often have to start repaying them while you’re still in school, even before you graduate.

With the high interest rates, your payments can be WAY more than you can afford on SSD.

And there’s no deferments or delaying your payments if you can’t afford them.

I DREAD the day that I took out that private loan, and I’m still in a constant battle to try to repay it.

Scholarships are the way to go, I think.

Plus, you can work and still keep your SSD benefits, as long as you don’t make over a certain amount.

Ask @77nick77 about this.



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I feel your pain. I’ve reached my Pell Grant limit. It’s hard paying for loans, but I have to finish.

You can probably qualify for some work study jobs. I used to work as a student worker at places. You get minimum wage and it’s a really relaxed type of job. It is good for people who are just starting out in the workplace. Office jobs are easy, basically scanning, copying, shredding, entering data, and running errands. You are with the same people all the time, so you can build trust. Dealing with the public is something you just have to grow a thick skin about. It’s best if you don’t even think about it. It becomes automatic. It will help you to have something on your resume for when you need to pay your student loans back.

Here’s a good scholarship book:

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Thanks for the replies!
@SurprisedJ I used all my grants and the school is only affiliated with two scholarships. She said it’s too soon to apply for scholarships though. When I was talking to my friend I wondered if I did get some scholarships this year if that would push my aid into next year. I’ll have to call them. I really do want to get this degree. I’m going to do everything in my power to make this work. I believe the best paths are laid with obstacles. So when it’s something good you have to fight for it. Just think of our recovery.

@radmedtech Thank you for your honest view point on loans. I didn’t know that about them. Definitely something to consider.

@metime I’m sorry your grant has reached it’s limit. The grant wasn’t paying much for me but it helped. I do school online so work study jobs wouldn’t be an option. Thanks for the link, I am considering buying it. :sunny:

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Sorry to hear that. I had student loan debt myself but eventually it was zeroed out when it was determined I was unemployable. I only had about 20k in loans but it was helpful when the government decided I didn’t need to pay it back. Definitely tough to get degrees with SZ. I finished one degree but was never able to go as far as I should have been able to in college.

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i hope things work out for you.
take care

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