Bad Memory from Risperdal

I have been on Risperdal for 11 months now. I was wondering if my memory will get back to normal after I stop taking the medication. And are there any ways you can recommend I can improve my memory?

I also stopped getting my period… my prolactin level is 3800… What are the risks of having prolactin this high?

I’ve been on risperidone off and on for years. I don’t know the memory question since my memory is always bad. I stopped having my periods except for every three to four months if that. I heard some women start to lactate with high prolactin but i don’t know if that is true.

I am on risperdal for 8yrs now. My memory has always been poor, i don’t know if the med adds to it or not, but if your using sleeping pills that can mess with your memory. The highest prolectine level i had was 39, and during that time i was on 3mg. Even 20 is still considered high for a guy.

My prolactin was 1700 and my doctor halved the dose and added another med because of it(I’m a guy). High prolactin for extended periods can cause osteoporosis.

I was on Risperdal for a while, and I had messed up periods as well as lactation, but it worked. No violent intrusive thoughts on it. I’m thinking about going back on it.

Im on Risperdal now, my memory is ok, it could be better though

Something to look into… I’m having memory problems related to Saphris use and having trouble with schoolwork. My pdoc gave me a script for something called Aricept/Donepezil. Its used mainly for dementia & Alzheimer’s patients. I’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks and I’m not sure its working.