Female Side Effects

I’ve been on Risperdal for years. For the past couple years I would only get my period once a year, oddly only in March for the past two years. Then this past March I did not get it. My doctor tested my Prolactin levels and they were high. A few months back I saw a reproductive endocrinologist. He was concerned that the lining of my uterus may be thick and was building as I was not getting my period. He did an ultrasound and found that the lining was normal which is probably why the Provera the gynecologist gave me didn’t work. He also gave me a script for a MRI of my pituitary gland which found a tiny noncancerous tumor in the gland which they were wondering if that was why my Prolactin was high. Just hearing the word tumor freaked me out because all I could think was brain surgery. My pdoc took me off of the Risperdal a little over a month ago. Well today I got my period. I’ve never been this happy to get it. So it was the Risperdal the whole time. I’m very happy, but it sucks because I get killer cramps. Always have. My boyfriend and I are going on an overnight trip in a couple of weeks and will be intimate. He said it’s good I got it now and not when we go to Atlantic City. He’s so good to me, because tonight when we went out I told him I was hurting and he asked if I wanted to call it a night. I hated to do that but I’m glad to be home. Now I can curl up with a heating pad.

Just wanted to share this so any women who are on Risperdal can know about this side effect. I have a script to check my Prolactin and so I’m curious now if they will be normal. :sunny:


I have irregular periods, but I’ve always had irregular periods even before the medication. But I’m glad you found out what was causing yours. I may skip a month but it’s never been more than one at a 12 month time.

I used to have killer periods. I have made a hysterectomy. (Spelling??) i have removed my uterus and that was the best thing I’ve ever done. No more pain. I can’t have any more kids either, but it’s enough with 2. I almost don’t manage that.

know how u feel. i get killer periods too. i may go on the contraceptive shot just to stop them. luckily i’m only on for a few days but the last time i came off of depixol i was on sooo heavily for two weeks and it was awful. cramps r terrible. i live off of painkillers when i’m on. i even get cramps and shooting pains up my bum when i’ve got my period. my auntie used to get the same and the migraine to go with it all. officially hate periods!!!

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Thanks ladies! I don’t think the men in our lives quite understand what we go through. My cramps are killing me today. I don’t remember how long I have cramps for during my cycle. I’m hoping it is just two or three days. And the pain killers I’m taking are making me loopy and tired. Oh well, what can you do? Thanks for responding. :sunny:

Before I went on meds for sz when I was 18, I used to get severe cramps at my period, so bad that I got a fever and was dizzy and couldn’t stand. But ever since I used meds for sz, the cramps got less and less. I don’t remember if my periods went away whilst I was on risperidone, but I don’t think so. When I stopped the meds in 2007 the periods didn’t return to the terrible cramps, and I never suffered with it again. Now I am on amisulpride and noticed my periods were irregular, but that was probably also due to the contraceptive injection I used to get. Since I got off that (thankfully!) and onto the Pill, it was like clockwork every 28 days. I just came off the Pill and was surprised when my period now returned on time. Lucky me - no cramps at all. But I know what it was like and am glad I am not suffering it now!

I empathize with you all. I remember what cramps were like. I’m 61.

@Hadeda That’s interesting how the meds effected you. When I was on birth control before my periods were regular. That’s great though that you have no cramps. Those and the back pain are horrible.

@joanne You’re so lucky that you do not have your period anymore. Although from what I hear, menopause is not fun to go through. At least you’re over all of that. :sunny:

Maybe look into herbal supplements or tinctures. My cycles were getting pretty bad as were my menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, cramps like jaynebeal describes, dizzy spells among other things every 21 days. Fun times! Now I use tinctures and another hormone regulating supplement and I now have the easiest cycles of my entire life and no more menopause symptoms.


That’s a good suggestion. What is it called? I wonder if it would interfere with my meds. I know I have to be careful with some supplements. But thanks. :sunny:

This is a link for the ESTROsmart. I can usually find in pharmacies or health food stores. I only take 1 a day.


Tinctures can be found at health food stores. Some will have products that are already a combination of several herbs specific to menstruation or menopause, stress, anxiety etc. They are not cheep and again I only use once a day not 3 times a day as recommended. If you tell the staff of current medications they should be able to advise you. At least they did with my son on an anxiety one.

Talk to your doctor however talk to the health food store too. My son’s pdoc said, I forget the herb now, would be ok but once I got it and researched I found it shouldn’t be mixed with his AP’s. WebMD seems to be a good source for this type of information.

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Thanks for the information. I’ll have to check it out. We have a health food store near us that has a lot. If I could be on something natural and not dependent on pain killers I would be happy. :sunny:

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Well, I guess there are SOME perks with menopause-no periods!

I never went through menopause. I don’t know why. My period just stopped and that was it. Thanks @SunGirl and @BarbieBF for the info.