Bad, bad, bad...bad

I can’t shake them away. The voices are getting to me, they’ve been bothering me all morning…no matter what I’ve done it doesn’t go away. Now I’m having deep emotional thoughts, I don’t know if I should elaborate on becuase I know I wont act on these thoughts but they might be triggers for others. I’m trying to work through the voices and negative thoughts but it’s getting more and more challenging as time moves on. Not to mention I’m in a very bad mood set today which is why the negative thoughts are affecting me so much right now.

What do any of you do when you just can’t quiet the voices and bad thoughts? I have on relaxing music, I’ve tried TV but the talking bothering me. I’m not doing anything to taxing, yes working on my book but I don’t find that difficult to do. The problems started way before I started on the outline today. I’ve taken my medication. I hate being schizo-affective. I just want to crawl in a dark whole and never come out.

When soft music won’t work I turn on Slipknot on high volume to drown the voices. They will scream and shout but Slipknot kills voices pretty well.


I also listen to loud music. I turn on the rap station and put my head between the speakers.

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I got the mood to lift finally. played on the WII a bit, beat the computer at a 3 rounds of baseball, and 3 games of tennis, then unlocked a character & course on Mario Karts (used to have them all opened on Mario but our old WII crashed and had to buy a new one, now have to start over). But I’m in a good mood now. Also mom went out to the pool for a bit so I had the place to myself for a bit, and that always helps.

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Are you keeping your pdoc informed? Is he/she helping? As sounds like a med tweak would help. Hope you feel better soon at any rate. Hang in there it does get better

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Ugh… Whenever I hear voices I start to text random people or post really strange sh1t. This why I have no friends in real life. Well I guess u could increase or meds or something.

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Thanks for the advice, I really don’t want to tell my doctor about this one episode. I’m on enough meds as it is I don’t want to add more. I see her Friday, and will debate how much I should tell her. I was just upset at how strong the images & voices were and trying to get them out of my head. I’ve been okay since that episode…