BAD Advice, now vitamin enriched!

Get your dose of BAD advice!

Vitamin enriched and FDA unApproved

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My dog has gotten the bad habit of scratching me when he wants his back scratched, what can I do?

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@anon40653964 Teach him to scratch y our itchy spots.


It is 95 f in my house and working cleaning stuff up, what should I wear for these tasks?

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@Mountainman Try a thong.


I have an unstoppable urge to vape all the time. What should I do?

@Pikasaur buy more juice

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I’m not on a diet right now…how many chicken nuggets should I eat?

I contacted my treatment team in crisis. My psychiatrist and counselor responded. My IOP therapist did not.

@TheStrange All of them.

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@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter. Um… I’m not sure what to tell you. I don’t know qhy they didn’t.

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How much butter am l allowed to put on my popcorn ?

Everytime I try to eat today, I throw up. What should I do?

@DNA A quart should do


@JustTrish I’ m not sure…I don’t have experience with your illness. Ginger might help.

Awwww I wanted bad advice lol
You’re cracking me up

Oh! I thought you wer being seriou s. Sometimes people don’t get that I’ m bwing silly.

You could always eat with a bucket by you


Going to appointment at pdoc this morning.Should I sleep before?

Give your dog attention and scratch his back!

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None if you’re on a diet