BAD Advice, now vitamin enriched!

I’m trying to make a good impression on the woman I’m cheating on my wife with. Is it more memorable if I accidentally slam my naughty bits in the car door of a Bentley or a Bugatti?


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Lolol I think that’s hilarious

This thread is weird! I’m guessing that’s the point! :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Taylor Swift is this years biggest earning entertainer according to the news but I’m just not attracted to her.

I’m thinking of sending her an email explaining that I’m schizophrenic so it wouldn’t work out. I want to let her down gently though. So what else should I put in the email ?

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@soafishh Never sleep! Awake forever!

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@MrSquirrel Lamborghini would be impressive as that would require skill

@everhopeful Let her know you are still available for family functions to throw her relatives off her sad, lonely trail

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This thread is so funny…lol…

Less than you’d imagine, actually. Those scissor doors… Pro tip, don’t lean in when you slam them.

We are NOT discussing the inspiration for this question.


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I wrote that I’m not on a diet right now, you may have misread. :upside_down_face:

But ur right if I was on a diet there’d be no chicken nuggets for me

Should I spin it or flip it?

@levelJ1 Neither. Shake it.

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Photos or it didn’t happen.

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I want to invest in stock. Would you recommend pork bellies, orange juice futures or something else?

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Why are my neighbors such as*holes and how can I bring them back from the dark side and make them see the light?

My dog is snoring beside me. What should I do to make him stop?

Plugs his nostrils with cheese doodles

I touched my finger on his nose and he snorted at me XD