Security Clearance

A special investigator called me today. I have to go and meet with them for about an hour and a half for my background check for my Secret security clearance.

I have an interim but this is to get the final one. Someone on here told me it wouldn’t get approved. I forget who. But it did. It’s good for 10 years. I wonder if they are going to ask me about my sz

I am just going to say I am stable on meds.


It’s still bad, but having Sz doesn’t quite have the stigma it did years ago. I think people are finally coming around to realizing that a person with Sz can be stable if they are conscientious.


That might have been me. Sometimes I put my intelligence specialist hat on and think I know it all. What I don’t realize is that my hat is a dunce cap.

I’m happy for you.


Well if I don’t work any more I really don’t need it. But if I can find somebody that will pay me $400 a day full time I will put it to good use. At least I will try anyway.

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I also had to state to my volunteering place that I am stable on medication while informing them that I have schizophrenia. Some stigma and apprehension on their part but as they realize I can be a normal productive person as the weeks pass. It’s all good.


You know it’s really quite ironic that when I got sick I perceived all these strange things happening that made me paranoid. This was right at the time that I started a job that required activation of my top secret security clearance.

One of my theories back then was that all that strange stuff happening could have been the result of an investigation on me pertaining to my top secret clearance. When I got diagnosed they pulled my security clearance and I lost my job.

After that I swore I would never get another security clearance and here I go again. I don’t perceive anything strange going on now though. I hope it doesn’t start again. I couldn’t handle all of that a second time.

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@tomcat I would think that a person with a security clearance would have a background check for such and such years. Also, work, education, credit history and medical records would all be inspected before granting a security clearance. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia would wave a red flag on the government issuer because mental instability could be a concern with confidential material.

Yes they specifically asked if I had ever been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. I had to answer yes 3 times. I have been diagnosed with about every flavor of schizophrenia you could have out of the DSM4. And I also had to say I was diagnosed with Delusional Disorder and Psychotic Disorder NOS.

They also wanted to know how many times I was hospitalized. I told them the four I can remember and the names and addresses of the hospitals.

I am assuming they are going to check all that out. I didn’t think I would get an interim clearance because of this. I thought my clearance would take a year or two. But they granted me access in three months but I really don’t access classified information. I just use a simulation that is run on a secret computer but there really isn’t anything secret about it.

@TomCat Well if its just accessing a computer than privileged must be low because it only took 3 months instead of 2 years to be granted access. But I honestly don’t know and am basing my security clearance knowledge from what I’ve read or been told of.

Lol, I’m just a janitor but I had to get a background check and fill out a million forms and get a copy of my birth certificate just to vacuum carpets and say stupid stuff to my poor co-workers who have to listen to me. I dunno, maybe because I work in an army reserve building. Hmmm, maybe that’s it.

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At one point it was said that The :us: SS office kept a list of individuals receiving benefits tht were considered mentally incompetent because they were incapable of handling their own financial affairs. This list was turned over the the FBI which then cooperated with the NRA when doing background checks for “mentally incompetent” people who should not own a gun. This actually was a violation of the individuals rights…LONG STORY SHORT… if the government feels like a certain individual is incompetent they should prove it not throw people on a list… I digress…

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So the “list” is ■■■■■■■■ … unless your a terrorist or Something …

I meet the investigator tomorrow. She said the interview is going to be 4 hours. I don’t remember doing this the last time I got a clearance and I had a top secret.

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That lady nailed the time. 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Very thorough. Went over ten years of addresses, employment history, mental health history, and credit history.

She says she is going to pull all of my medical records.

Now just wait to hear back I guess.

I emphasized I was stable on meds at the end and she said the adjudicators will take that into account.

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