Babysitting paranoia

So I’m babysitting my sisters kids. Brought them back to my parents house so they can play PlayStation. But I’m getting paranoid that my parents will judge me for letting them play games. God it is so frustrating getting paranoid

It’s ok to let them play games. Are the games age appropriate? That’s all I’d be concerned about. I don’t think your parents would have a problem with that

Paranoia is an intense feeling of being in the wrong. You might be able to lessen it in the moment by choosing something (i.e. anything specific at all about yourself) where you are sure you are right and then remind yourself that you are not ALL wrong and are right about some things at least.

I guess they are age appropriate. My nephew is 6 and is playing Star Wars battlefront.

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That’s perfect! Nothing to worry about

It sounds like they’re putting you under too much stress. You should be able to relax and enjoy yourself, especially with your condition. Try to ignore their criticism.

Well my sister tries to limit their screen time. So I felt like I was breaking the rules. And usually when they are on screens they get in a bad mood when they have to stop

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oh i never would do babysitting… they wouldn’t trust me like that i think. But it’s nice you let them play some games. It is just like that what they maybe can’t do at home they can do with you then instead.

And yea when they have to stop they will be annoyed a bit but that are just kids huh…