B vitamins for schizophrenia, Toronto

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I finally found a doctor who knew more than I did about nutrients for schizophrenia. I worked with him for 30 years. Now he has retired, and I’m considering my options.

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I take COQ10, probiotics and omega-3.

Hi Jayster,
What supplements did you take and what antipsychotic?I take ltheanine, Gingo Biloba, B komplex, Omega3, Inositol, vitC, vitD, Lithium Orotate and folic acid. Thanks

Dňa ut 24. 8. 2021, 2:05 Jayster via Schizophrenia.com <schizophrenia@discoursemail.com> napísal(a):

Of course, there is a big difference between D2 and D3

Would you recommend some supplements that help you?
Thanks Alena

Dňa ut 24. 8. 2021, 18:44 Jayster via Schizophrenia.com <schizophrenia@discoursemail.com> napísal(a):

We’re all different.

It is pretty clear to me that most people profit from supplementing Vitamin D3.

I do Niacin / vitamin C megadoses. It is helpful to the point that I feel pretty much normal outside, mentally. When I am at home though my brain feels like a pressure cooker.

As such I am about to move.

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I take methylfolate, but I take niacin alongside it.

Niacin helps any side effects of methylfolate I just read.

I also take nutritional yeast

what was the dose of b3 and did you take b1 and a multivitamin with it

In the old days, you know, around 1975, we were told to take equal amounts of Vitamin C and B3. We were told to keep adding to our dose by one gram every day until we got diarrhea. When we got diarrhea, we were supposed to go back to the dosage on the previous day, and stay on that.