Awake for almost 60 hours

I am so tired. I have been awake for almost 60 hours strait aside from a two hours nap like two days ago or something when i managed to fall asleep but was awoken by a terrible nightmare.

My heart it kind of starting to beat weird too, im a little scared if i fall asleep at this point i could die or something.

Sleeping has become one of the biggest challenges in my life and i dont know how to overcome it at all. I keep having anxiety attacks. I think the voices are trying to keep me awake so long that i die.

Seriously dont know what to do.

Edit: also never really got to formally introduce myself. I found this website last night and just kind of started posting.

My name is ryan and i was diagnosed about a year ago. I never have anyone to talk about this stuff with since my parents dont understand it at all and my stepdads solution is “just dont think like that”.just found it really refreshing to be able to talk with people who are sharing similar problems.

I stayed up for two days once. I started hallucinating. Sleep is very vital for people with schizophrenia. Have you consulted a doctor about your problem?

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I’m honestly terrified of doctors and meds. They are trying to poison me and make me worse. My last psych actually yelled at me when i told her i stopped taking my meds because they made me feel terrible. thats when i knew for sure they were no good.

One of the severe side-effects of these drugs. A lot of times permanent.

Would it help if I told you that doctors aren’t trying to poison you? They are actually doing their best to help you. Sure, sometimes they make mistakes, but if they make a lot of mistakes they won’t last very long in their profession. She shouldn’t have yelled, it was unprofessional but she may have been frustrated at you and thought yelling would work. I don’t know how you can get over a fear of doctors but they are trying to help you, it’s their job.


Maybe you’re right and this is one of those fears that i have to just stand up to and face.
As of right now i don’t really see any other option.

Thank you very much for you’re posts and advice. As for tonight i guess ill just have to lay in bed and hope that i might be able to fall asleep for just a little while.

Have you tried Melatonin? You can get it at the drug store (if you don’t live in Sweden and need a special license to get it, I know, it’s stupid)

I was up for 5 days and nights. I hallucinated and got really bad. I know I’m getting worse when sleep starts to trouble me.

Docs aren’t trying to poison you. My voices tell me my meds are poison. But I decided to trust my pdoc.

Oh, and welcome. :slight_smile:

thank you. I have heard melatonin helps sleep but i havnt tried it yet. I will probably head over to cvs tomorrow and pick a bottle of it up to see if it works, thanks for the suggestion.

Also I am a bit relieved to hear that you stayed awake for 5 days and came out unharmed. I keep thinking that when i do eventually fall asleep ill die or something.

Doubt it.
But staying awake that long might do it.
Your body will let you know when it needs sleep, and then you will just have to obey.

I think 4 days straight was my record, but by the last night, I was so loopy I thought aliens were pushing in the blanket in my window after removing the glass, it acted like it was breathing in and out.
The final straw was a dog named porkchop had only his mouth talking in the corner of the window, and when provoked, pulled out a gun and took a shot at me. I started yelling he’s got a gun!! My (ex) stomped down the hall and told me to go to bed.