Avoiding certain family members

Do you avoid certain family members who don’t understand your mental health problems/ make you feel bad about being mentally ill?

There are some members of my family who expect so much of me. Every time I see them, they are asking if I am doing this or that yet, and when I say not yet, they give me the most disapproving look ever.

Who are they to judge me? Their lives can’t be that interesting if they’re so keen on interfering with mine and poking their noses in all of time.

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I can’t really avoid them. :neutral_face:

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My cousin who is 20 years older than me used to judge me very harshly because her son who is my age is a heroin addict and I am an addict to and she saw some of him in me. But now she’s nice because the meds work! I think she realizes now it is dual diagnosis not self-inflicted drug wounds. She is much more Kind now. The meds speak for themselves when they work

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I think that it’s very difficult to make others understand what we go through on a daily basis.
My family supports me but I can’t expect them to fully understand.
Yes with some family members it gets frustrating.

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My grandad constantly keeps asking me if I have a job yet. I wish he would back off!

Family get togethers are supposed to be enjoyable but I feel like because I’m young, I’m constantly being pestered about my future and I just want to shout in their faces I DO NOT KNOW!!!
But I am too nice to do that.

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I look young and I’m 27 and I always get pestered about my future too lol. If I looked like I was 40 they would leave me alone but I look so young they won’t leave me alone so I know what it’s like

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It sucks so much doesn’t it? They don’t catch us young people pestering them about their lives!

Anyways I’m going to skip dinner so I don’t have to sit with them lmao. I’ll just make some toast when they’ve gone :+1:

My father and mother in law think i can do a lot of things that i don’t know how to do. I made a mistake on how to put something back together and said i forgot then he’s like your almost 30 years old that excuse doesn’t fly anymore

I avoid everyone I can because everyone is a piece of ■■■■

I just decided recently to cut off contact with some of my brothers and sisters. They avoid me. Don’t call me when I try to contact them. I don’t know if it’s bc of my mental illness. Who knows.

I don’t have to avoid anyone in my family, they avoid me…usually because I say what I think, not in a mean way, but I do say what I need when needed.

I feel like people think we are making excuses for not being productive members of society. It really messes with your head…

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A few years ago I made a very unpopular decision in my life.

It was beyond doubt the best thing to do, but a lot of my family disagreed, and were very vocal about it.

I cut them off.


I don’t talk to about 1/3 of my family.

Haven’t in years.

I’m not saying just abandon your relationships, but when you are doing the right thing for yourself, and people are being jerks about it, you can’t let it get to you.

Let them say whatever, and just know that you’re doing what is best.

If it continues, or gets worse, just disengage.

Don’t get into conversations with them, keep everything very superficial.

And if it gets to the point where you feel you’re being mistreated,

Dump them like a bad ex-boyfriend.

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I avoid .

It is difficult and I will not explain but yes I try to avoid.

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I avoid my wife’s parents because they annoy the hell out of me and have ruined every holiday we’ve had to spend with them since getting married, which is practically all of them.

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