Families denial about my mental illness is not helping

What do you do when your family, every single one of them believes that I don’t have an illness at all. That i shouldn’t be on these meds. I struggle with taking them as it is. It’s been four years since first and last episode but still they do not believe i have this thing. It makes me feel i am well so I don’t need to be on these meds.

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Sounds rough in many ways, sorry to hear it.

My family barks at me that i have an illness but then they just don’t give a ■■■■ that i do.

That’s a strange one…I suppose youre the best judge of whether you need the meds or not.


I struggle too, but not because my family thinks I’m fine, but because somedays I feel so normal if that’s the word… or what I think a non-sz person must be like. Somedays I feel so much better then I ever had.

But only you can be the judge of this. This might just have to sadly be something that your parents never understand while your stable and high functioning. It’s NOT helpful, but they might want to believe that your all better and cured.

Congratulations on going 4 years without an episode. I’m glad you’ve had four years of better health.

Hey Ish… If you don’t mind me asking… how’s getting into the other Uni going and how is your brother too?


I haven’t had the interview for uni yet, just waiting for the email to come through. Thank you for asking J.

How did you know I had a brother? Funny that you ask. We hadn’t talked for over a decade whilst living under the same roof… until yesterday. I have no idea why I stopped talking to him. It was a very emotional day for me.  I just told him I have schiz and he said it’s all in the mind. I have nothing. Even though I don’t have a family who understand at least I know for sure they’d stand by me if it did happen.

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You made a post about him suffering a bout of depression a while ago. At the bottom of the page on this site, old posts come up and I saw the one about your brother and I wondered if he ever did go see someone and does he feel better.

If it was from my sis or someone who believed me… that would come off as funny to me. Mental illness… it’s all in the mind… :laughing:

Sorry… it’s been this sort of morning… :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee::coffee: :coffee:

I hope the e-mail from Uni comes soon and it’s good news.

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I forgot I even posted that. He told me he has some kind of eating disorder. I’m going to encourage him to see someone about it.

LOL It’s fine :smiley:

Thanks, I hope to hear from them soon as well. It’s been so long since they last contacted me I just hope they haven’t forgotten about me.

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tell your family to ■■■■ off. You need your meds, just because your meds work doesnt mean you dont have schizophrenia. If you really want to make them ■■■■ off, throw your meds away and get back into a hospital to show them that you are in fact mentally ill. If you dont have a job or school or anything better to do, ■■■■ it, go off your meds and tell them you did.

I am fully recovered but I have a severe case, I was far too paranoid to get on these forums, even. I was off the chart in positive symptoms. One missed pill and Im ■■■■■■. I know this from experience.

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I know how that goes. My mom was the one who thought I didn’t need medication, but eventually she got really unstable and she needs medication. Try to separate the idea that mental illness is this huge deal, it is a health issue that you are treating the best you can. Medications are not perfect but they do help a lot of people.

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Hi @anon80629714 Not everyone in my family understands me 100 percent. It is difficult for non sz people to understand - not all of them do but more and more of them do understand. Maybe with enough patience and education they will come to understand you. Family support is important, but as long as you understand and are aware of your illness and getting treatments for it, this is what is most important


I had a similar problem with my family.

They’re very religious and thought was my problem was spiritual. They said I needed to pray more and my mother wind up throwing away a lot of my items. In doing so they were adding to my isolation and symptoms. I started believing I was evil and that my family was trying to destroy me. I would get angry when anyone prayed around me and it wasn’t until I got to college that I got the help I needed.
My brother was confused as to why I acted the way I did. He didn’t understand why I just couldn’t stop. It hurt when he told so and I avoided him for a while after that. He still doesn’t understand but he cuts me a little more slack now. My family doesn’t talk about it anymore, and I don’t speak to them about it either. They get very emotional and obsessive and it winds up agitating me.

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I know how bad this may sound, but In a way, even though I know I have this, it does feel good that people don’t believe i have it because at least they THINK I come across as any other “normal” person.

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I don’t think that sounds bad at all. I think it sounds like you are healing and self-managing your illness very well. Which is the point of all the meds, the therapy, the hard work.

You’re family might not understand that you are doing so well because of your meds, not despite them. I hope you stay strong and don’t let your family get you down.

Good luck.

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