Just when I think they understand

Just when I think my in laws understand they say something to prove they don’t. My mother in law argued with me and my partner about my meds. She said its been proven I just need a strong mindset to fix my brain and I don’t need meds.

Best you could do with such people is to ignore them. I guess it requires a certain practice. Practice… And avoiding the arguing as much as possible. Avoid any situation that could turn into arguing.
I have some family members with whom I only discuss a forecast.

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I don’t think anyone could understand sz if they haven’t experienced it. Just humor them as much as you can and avoid discussing your illness with them. My family is usually pretty kind about my mental illness, but they still can’t understand it.

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As the entire Sz Board screams…



I can’t my only option is then to move back in with my family and my brother is just as bad as the inlaws

At least there’s only one of him.

we have plans for moving out it just is going to take awhile. i’m sorry if I bitch too much about people. i’m sorry okay? it has to wait until my partner is ready to let go of he apron strings and for us to save up to move out.

Sounds like my family. They don’t understand much. My mom today said that I got to hustle like everyone else. She told me that just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean I have to act the part. And I was being myself too.

Wow. I didn’t mean to offend you.

no-one close to me has ever said anything like that, sorry you have to deal with that, some people just dont realise how tough it is i think they dont realise that we need a little bit of help i.e. (meds)

Sorry you didn’t deserve that.

That’s ok. You’re probably sensitive at the moment after the most recent stoush at home with the in laws.

When someone says something infuriating because they don’t understand the illness, I let it go. It is not worth getting upset over. The effort to explain, the ridiculousness of the situation we find ourselves in is all a bit too much. Silence is golden as they say!

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now they say their 10 year old can do more than me. yeah sure its easy to show up a person with sz or sza. but its not their daughter’s fault she is a sweet heart and i love the kid very much. when we finally move she will be the only part of the in laws that i will miss. she can organize like you wouldn’t believe she helped me clean the bathroom and kitchen today and wanted to help clean the bedroom/living room but i told her no more for today. i felt bad. i can’t do things like a normal adult should and my in laws love to rub it in and then say “you have no excuse you can do it”