Avoiding artificial sweeteners

My wife sent me this article and I did some digging around it:

It is, unfortunately for me, VERY good research. I say this because I have a horrible sweet tooth and fake sweeteners let me satisfy that craving without adding 2000 calories per day to my intake. Except that I have mostly behaved for the last two weeks and my blood sugar is still too high. I am now on day two of no artificial sweeteners.

What this means in real life is that I have gone from drinking a tonne of tea to two cups per day, one with a teaspoon of honey, the other with a teaspoon of raw, organic sugar. And a lot of water. I hate water.

I feel like I’ve quit smoking all over again. Bloody cravings.



I read about this.

Another potentially serious criticism is that the researchers combined saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame data. It seems highly unlikely that three very different molecules would all have the same effect on gut microbiota


I thought this pdf from OK cooperative extension http://oces.okstate.edu/adair/family-and-consumer-sciences/dietary%20sugar%20and%20alternative%20sweeteners%20T-3157web.pdf did a good job of explaining what sugars are.

I guess the anti aspartame fanatics will read a lot more into the research than there actually is.

Yeah artificial sweeteners are horrible for you - affecting your mental health/moods as well.
I gave up artificial sweeteners a long time ago - I was drinking diet soda at the time and noticed that my moods were all over the place - as a diabetic I personally do not add sugar to my coffee, but I think I would rather consume a tiny amount of sugar/honey than taking in artificial sweeteners


The real thing is better then synthetics. Honey is a great sweetner


I can’t eat anything with artificial sweeteners. Gives me awful stomach aches. Always knew something was up with them.

I am addicted to sugar though, so I feel ya on the cravings thing.

I read a quote somewhere by some scientist. Aspartame has been around for at least 20 years, maybe more. All over the world. MILLIONS of people consume it every day including me. And some people consume relatively large quantities.
Name ONE documented case of anyone dying from consuming aspartame in the last 20 years. Sure, mice may get cancer from it if they give them copious amounts of it. But has it been proven that a human has died from it?



There are other studies that refute much of what that article says.

Now some studies are showing that many artificial sweeteners actually contribute in raising blood sugar levels

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The Internet myth

“Especially deadly for diabetics”: there is no question that aspartame has been beneficial to people with diabetes, enabling them to enjoy sweet tasting foods without the carbohydrates. Since it does not contain calories in the usual amounts consumed it cannot affect blood glucose levels or cause weight gain.


Horrible poison !

Not to mention, Monsanto, the GMO giant who genetically alters foods and seeds causing natural farms to be corrupted had a hand in manufacturing the poison for 15 years.
And here is some more evil that they do


We could each find dozens of articles supporting our point of view.

Yeah I noticed that - some studies showing that artificial sweeteners are harmful others showing that they are safe - For me personally, I felt unstable with shifting moods going up and down when consuming diet sodas - but that is me

This isn’t about people dying from a sweetener, it is about how sweetener can possibly adversely affect intestinal flora. Changes in intestinal flora have been linked from everything to depression to psychosis to cancer.

I don’t use aspartame because I primarily sweeten hot beverages, which a protein based sweetener is useless for. The heat denatures the protein that gives aspartame its sweet taste. I use the dextrose/cyclamate based sweeteners. As I’m up to about 30 packets a day, I’m starting to feel like I’m abusing the stuff.


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Exactly…It isn’t direct ‘death’ but an alteration of internal things that make people susceptible to other things, and those other things may eventually lead to major health complications.
It also alters brain chemistry and is linked to various kinds of psychological problems. This alone should be of great concern to most people on this forum.
People can quote in defense of the poison all they want, and by doing so they are just buying in to the alleged studies I suspect are being paid off or are at least associated with big corporations, GMO advocates and such like…

Although this deals with another of their insidious poisons, it does show they fabricate evidence to present to the FDA and USDA…

“Monsanto has been unsuccessful at covering its tracks and has even been convicted of fabricating false research documentation that claims Agent Orange has no negative health effects, other than a possible skin rash.”

And here shows how corporations like this who produce and advocate toxic food products and chemicals that are sprayed on food products have influence with the govt because of their corporate power…

“Unfortunately, it looks like Obama’s USDA is just as likely to cave to Monsanto’s biotech bullying as Bush’s.”

Don’t forget it was Monsanto who owned Aspartame patent from 1985 - 2000 and was largely responsible for the aggressive promotion of the neurotoxin in the 80s…