Do artificial sweeteners make anyone else sick

It’s not that I have anything against the taste, they can trigger migraines for me and give me stomach aches and nausea. They’ve done so ever since I was a kid so I had to start looking out to make sure things didn’t have artificial sweetener in them. Makes me wonder if they’re sketchy and maybe just as bad as normal sugar (though perhaps in different ways), or if my body just doesn’t metabolize them well.


I think your body is probably telling you something. Sugar is sugar and natural but it’s like most things in doses that your body can deal with. I’ve been off sugar…trying to move some weight and it’s hard but I still only have artificial sweeteners occasionally! I don’t trust those chemicals.

I’d say if your sensitive it’s no good for you!

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Hmmm. I never have, to my knowledge, eaten any in a substancial amount.

I was given, as a kid, a small bowl of one of the first sugar free icecreams to ever exist on the market.

Pretty bad stuff. left an odd after taste that could not be ditched even if covered (read: drownded) with chocolate syrup.

I avoid them since this research came out

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I try to avoid artificial sweeteners because they make me feel sick.
I’ll get bloating and gassy plus it sometimes gives me a headache.

I’m diabetic but would prefer plain old sugar to artificial sweeteners.

I try to limit the amount of all sugars in my diet.

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I used to drink diet coke nonstop all day and evening, everyday of my life. For like forty five years. It was like I never drank water. Only diet pop. Then I researched the internet and found that diet pop was terrible for making you gain weight. So, I immediately quit drinking all diet pop and stopped taking all artificial sweeteners. The pounds fell off like water as a result. I ended up losing 50 lbs. And keeping it off over three years. Now, I only drink decaffeinated coffee and plain tap water and that’s it. And I’m much happier.


I’ve never liked artificial sweetners. i know my one sister gets migraine’s when she tries them. I just trust sugar (natural) more.


Artificial sweeteners can cause gastrointestinal upset and have a laxative effect.

Some of the funniest reviews on Amazon are for sugar free gummy bears. :smile:

“I sit here writing this review at 4AM from my porcelain throne, a fixture you will become all too familiar with if you chose to eat these cute little bears from the pits of hell.”


The stuffin diet soda doesn’t bother me. But the stuff in sugar free chocolate or anything red that is sugar free makes me want to die. The toilet agony is real for me after that stuff. My son is the same way.

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One of my students said her mom doesn’t let her have red dye so she can’t have any red candy. Always thought that was sort of odd. Interesting!

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