Atheists versus christians

A heated debate down here.

A debate between everyone burning in hell forever or everyone just suffering through this and then dying forever never to be heard from again.

I hope that neither side wins the debate.

I do not believe in the afterlife. There is neither Heaven nor Hell. We all live on the Earth and when we die we are buried.

My christian knowledge is quite limited. I know no other christian holiday than Christmas, in Finnish ‘joulu’ and then people get all kinds of gifts. I am a member of no church, no temple nor any other religious organization. ‘Joulu’ does not even mean Chirstmas. Many people are like that.

I keep having these dreams where I am almost awake and the devil is talking to me. He keeps on saying that god is dead. I dont really know what to make of it but it is pushing me more into the agnostic fence. I used to be an atheist that believed in the potential of a god, know I just admit to not knowing.

atheism isn’t even a religion :s neither is agnostic so if you dont follow these you are basically whats called a non-believer and if you are happy with that then it’s your loss and i just feel sorry for people like that.

the world would be a better place if we all believed the same things in general and had the same rules to live by, true we can still be individuals in our own right but with a common goal or purpose, to do good in this world so that when it comes to being judged we will have a good write up lol

The world would be better if everyone was atheist. Less prayer and more action. Maybe then all these close-minded religious folk would actually be in a position to learn about our world and what it needs. Stop giving money to churches and establish socialist states. It’s inevitable we’ll get there.

if there was no prayer then nobody would know what to do because in order to act you need to think about or pray or discuss etc what it is you want to do and how to do it and how it will effect people and why you are doing it.

i think these ‘so called’ religious folk are a lot more open minded than you give them credit for,

you give money to these churches to help your community and to help fund the things that they want to act on, like poverty in Africa or You could donate a toy for a poor family in Romania at Christmas things like that or pay for flowers or visit an elderly person in hospital.

most people dont think about these things they just open their mouths without even knowing what goes on. its all for the best

I was just providing a counter point. I don’t think religion is the answer that is where we disagree. I think all in all we are doing a good job of establishing an open world where people are free to believe whatever they want. Prayer is not necessary for thought. None of my friends are religious and they are doing just fine.

seems my use of the word prayer is a lot broader than yours and none of my friends are religious either