Atheist Schizophrenic

Can a schizophrenic who becomes an atheist and stops believing in anything spiritual still be classed as a schizophrenic.
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Yes, because when they stop taking their meds they’ll end up thinking they can fly and jump off a building.


Plenty of schizophrenics on here are atheists. They have delusions about other things, such as government conspiracies and aliens.


It’s not just delusions either. Schizophrenia is a complex illness that comes in many forms. There are many different types of symptoms of schizophrenia.


Sure, the topics of the delusions will simply be different and also the personalities of the voices.


I was an atheist my first 2 years of schizophrenia. When I was arrested I thought my life was an experiment and everyone in my life was a paid actor. Then it changed to aliens. Then ultimately it transformed into believing In god and that I was the chosen one. Same root of the delusion just different content.


I can’t say for sure I have Schizophrenia though but my doctor thinks I have it and read onto the condition and can say it sounds pretty close to what I have.
Now, I’m Athiest so to speak, I don’t believe in a higher power, but I believed a fictional cartoon demon was taking over my brain, or was plotting to. So I’m sure they’d just believe in things besides a higher power.

Edit: I also would like to say I believed aliens were controlling my brain from somewhere far in the universe or even out of our universe and everyone was like the NPCs of other aliens who were just interacting with me and I was one of the unfortunate characters to be upgraded and given these horrible attributes upon leveling up.

I became an hardcore atheist after my first psychosis, my psychosis was quite spiritual and I was religious when it happened. Everything could be explained by my spiritual beliefs to make sense, scientifically however it could not (found out later). After my diagnosis I thought if I ever want to be normal again I have to get rid of all religious and spiritual believes. That helped quite a bit.

After my 2nd psychosis I made a 90 degrees turn and became an agnostic, that was 7 years ago. I had my 3rd and 4th psychosis and to this day I’m still agnostic.

I guess being agnostic helps me to not being delusional but at the same time keeps an open mind about spirituality. In my experience atheists and religious are equally delusional. It’s a relieve to be in the middle, both sides fail to convince of their hardcore delusional beliefs and at the same time my agnosticism keeps me sane and open minded.

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I am mostly an atheist (sometimes agnostic, but 90 % of the time atheist). I joined the Association of Americans Atheists at age 19. I also had a psychotic episode about government agents, surveillance, and secret government brainwashing programs like 6 months after getting my official american atheists business card. So, yes it is possible to be labeled a schizophrenic and be an atheist.

Interesting side note, at a later age, I thought I had decoded some ancient Biblical puzzle and that I had been chosen to discover it and spread the word. Luckily, that went away with pills and I returned to my natural state of non-belief. Largely, though, my delusions have been about gov agencies brainwashing, torturing, etc…civilians like myself, with zero religious delusions.

I am atheist but my delusions are largely demon based. I have no explanation because technically I shouldn’t even believe in what is tormenting me.


converting after psychosis does little to change most people delusions… I also see no correlation between religion or lack of and being sz… just the spread of beliefs we have here proves sz is not picky about what you believe…

There are plenty of delusions and hallucinations you can have that are not related to spirituality. Don’t get off your med’s just because you’ve become an atheist.

My son has never had a spiritual basis for his life so his sz has nothing to do with any spiritual beliefs. He might describe himself as an atheist at this point (I haven’t checked), but has hallucinations and delusions that have to do with science and science-fiction. All of my hallucinations and delusions, for the most part, have to do with my spiritual/religious beliefs. It’s been so long that I don’t think they would change suddenly if I claimed to not believe in God anymore. But hallucinations and delusions persist in an unhealthy mind regardless of what the conscious stable portion of the mind perceives.

Atheism isn’t an illness.

My mother has religious voices but paranoid delusions.

I am a follower of Christ, I have delusions about government ,fbi, cia, maufia. Brainwashing, mind Control. persicution, military conspiracy. I seek God for comfort, strength and praise when ill and when not but have never had religious delusions. I have had close moments with God but nothing like what I hear on this site . I was agnostic my first episode.

I think no. Its just a. Belief. You are not experiencing things like broadcast thinking

im having a hard time understanding this thread… what exactly are you asking… the mi itself has nothing to do with your religious beliefs… you don’t get a new title because your atheist… what would be the point in expressing ideological differences in the name of your mental illness… I think that would only further distance those who suffer from getting support and help…

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Atheist here, howdy , there are a few of us you know :smile:

Also it doesnt matter if your an atheist or whatever, you will still be schizophrenic, if diagnosed accurately…