Assisted end of life. Poll

The bill in canada was moments ago passed to allow assisted end of life including those with chronic severe mental illness. Haven’t quite decided how I feel.

What do you think?

  • Good that it is available
  • This is not good
  • On the fence

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Currently watching the situation with my father-in-law and feeling horrible for him. His dementia has diminished him, he’s not quite a person any longer. Sounds like a broken chat bot when you talk to him. I don’t think I could stand living like that or being a burden to others in that manner.


The problem with dementia is it would be hard to prove consent. I suppose people could do a living will before it gets bad enough.


There had bloody well better be consent.

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i dunno, i think people would turn to end of life instead of demanding better research and treatment. sounds kinda close to eugenics, like how do we know they were in a good state of mind when they signed their life away? who makes the decision of who should die and who isn’t ready to die?
are we choosing to die because there’s no way for others to take care of us due to poverty or because we dont want to live at all? i know my grandma had dementia and she would periodically say she didnt want to burden us and wanted to die…but at other times she was very happy and would sing and watch tv. which her should they believe?
also, historically we’ve been put to death and warehoused a lot, so maybe giving normies the freedom to euthanize us might lead to them pressuring/forcing us to sign away our lives.
it just seems like a trap by normies for me, when they could just fund a bunch of new meds and treatments to give us better quality of life.


I’m on the fence because I understand that some people might have it so bad that they just want to die but what about those vulnerable like @HQuinn said, who will not feel strong enough to overcome pressures of family etc however subtle those pressures may be :\


If I’m not all there, I don’t think I want to lie in a hospital bed for years waiting to die, I would rather be gone


The problem has a catch-22 aspect to it. If you’re so severely mentally ill that you want to make a decision to use assisted end of life–but if you’re that ill are you capable of making such a decision?


I posted about this soon happening in Canada and already legal for sz in Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium. My post got flagged and the thread got locked lol Ppl said its eugenics and hated it. I guess its illegal in the US but at the same time death penalty is legal in the US.


its a hard on to judge but i’m not happy with assisted suicide :frowning:

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I voted good, because my sister’s mother-in-law used assisted end-of-life, because she had cancer and was in so much pain.

She invited her whole family and friends to be there with her, apparently was quite peaceful

At some extreme point, it seems like cruelty to keep someone alive and suffering against their will


For schizophrenia too?


@77nick77 I assume you would have to have a living will, made while you were still in your right mind. Could be wrong


California’s End of Life Option Act has been in place since 2016 and is an option for people who have a terminal disease that cannot be cured or reversed and that is expected to result in death within six months. I voted for this law when it was on the ballot.

I would not feel comfortable having an end of life option for the severely mentally ill. I have watched documentaries about countries that do have this option and I was very troubled by what I saw.


if you cant think properly and cant make decisions for yourself either hows it going to work?


Either do the decision in advance or have family decide.

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i couldnt put a family member through that the guilt from it would be very bad :frowning:

i supposed it could be added to a will in the event of (list of things that are not nice) to end my life with dignity and cause least suffering


Well at the same time its very hard for a family to take care of someone severely disabled. Many cant and abandon the person.


I agree with you.

I saw a sixteen year old girl had assisted death legally because of mental health but that can get better.

Things got better for me and do for lots of people.

I don’t agree with it for mentally ill specially so young but I do agree for it for terminally ill that are in pain etc.


I’ve already talked to my sister about it, and if I get to the point where I don’t recognize the people that I love, and live in fear… The very thing I have seen happen to others… Just pull the plug. I don’t want to live like that