Aspie quiz

I didn’t get the score on there but it said I had traits of both…

I was very likely Aspie.

Pdoc visiting me at home asked if I have asperger’s. I don’t. I have been checked for it when I got my ADHD diagnose. This has come with sz.

It’s fun to see how we differ on graphs… Even if I have absolutely no idea what it means…

I don’t know what it means D:

My father and his brothers and likely his father all have Aspergers or aspie traits. But, they are also all brilliant in math. It says that it is likely for me , but I think it was picking up on more of my sz and ocd symptoms.

I do think how you score can be influenced by how positively you answer the questions .
This was the same test I did in 2015.

It no doubt reflects different levels of certainty as to the aspergic traits . The true picture probably lies in the middle.

This is news to me. I know I’m shy, but I never thought I was on the spectrum. How accurate is this test, exactly? Should I be concerned? Should I do something about this? The only neurotypical part I got right was the communication thingy (not quite sure how that differs from social, though)

I think it gives you an idea of neurodiversity/neurotypicality but it would take a psychologist to make the definitive diagnosis.

Having said that see

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Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 157 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 39 of 200
You are very likely neurodiverse (Aspie)

I do have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. In terms of SZ, my functioning level is practically off the scale given the severity of symptoms I have when unmedicated. Got sucked into a research project because of it.


That shows how well medication can work for some people. It’s hard to place my functioning level. I live independently but in a rather restricted way ie never been employed and no social network . My pdoc described me as having ‘limited ability to live independently in the community’ .
I think my functioning is worse than would be indicated by the symptoms of my diagnosis but things are complicated by comorbid undiagnosed issues.

Eventually. There was a hell of a lot of trial and error. I’ve also worked hard to get around limitations. I’ve read most of what Paul Ekman has published on microexpressions and have a slightly older version of his training kit:

So now I know when I’ve upset Mrs. Pixel or I’m behaving improperly around others. I can read people, but it was a learned skill. I’m the complete opposite of a natural in this department. Also, all learned skills fly out the window if I get agitated enough.


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Did you ever have meltdowns due to stress? This used to be a problem for me but not so much since being on regular medication. It used to manifest in heightened irrationality,excitability and wayward verbal expression ie more difficulty in expressing myself clearly and increased anxiety and paranoia.

Didn’t know this tool kit existed. Going to have to buy some of these. Thank you for posting this link to the Training video tool kits!!

They also have something for law enforcement, but this made me think there should be one for us non-reading people for interacting with law enforcement, too!

I once had a cop tell me he “couldn’t read” me during a check point and it got him all frustrated while I was just mortified and wanting to drive home already. My lack of affect is disturbing to normals, would like to get a better handle on how to be “readable” to some degree.

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