My Asperger's doubts

My Asperger’s doubts. Apparently I’m displaying very autistic traits.

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Apparently, as I found out over the holidays last month, my mother suspected I had autism/Asperger’s when I was little but she thinks everyone in our family is on the spectrum and they’re all fine so she told the doctor she didn’t want me tested.

I think having those supports could have been invaluable in my growing up and not knowing what I sucked at everything, but, ultimately, I managed well enough I guess.

I’ve taken a few assessments since then and always get really high “likely” scores. I thought about talking to my doctor about it, but it seems pointless now.

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I know that I’m not autistic.

If you think you have it you should watch this show. I was unsure if I was autistic. After watching this show I know I’m not.

From the clip it seems like yet another show about someone ultra high functioning on the spectrum.

Reading about autism is one thing. Seeing someone who is autistic or playing an autistic makes it pretty clear to me.

Their is a more stereotypical autism that’s commonly seen on television. The characters usually only have the symptoms that normal guy on the street would assume autistic people have. (Special interests, lack of eye contact, awkward, ect ect)

I’m sick and tired of the troupe. The only time I ever saw a good representation of an aspie was JJ from season 3/4 of skins uk. (Great show about different mental illnesses)

I did the same test as you firemonkey. We scored in the same category. If you want to, ask your doc for an assessment.

My neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 171 of 200
My neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 31 of 200

My diagnoses was helpful for me. It made me realize why I did all that stuff all my life and felt like some weird freak from a different planet. Some people don’t feel the need to label themselves, but for me I like to because it helps explain my lack of social cues, TICS, short attention span ect ect.

People are much more accepting of my aspergers vs my psychosis. So if I have to tell someone what’s wrong with me, I usually just say I’m on the spectrum.

Where do you do that test. I didn’t see it @valiumprincess

While I’m not going to contradict the judgment of the good people of that site, I’ve found over the years of trying to find solutions to my various problems, that posting to a relevant forum tends to produce more biased judgments/answers based on what the forum’s focus is. For instance, a site dedicated to wholistic medicine or fasting or whatever will tout fasting as a solution to my problem which diet caused. A mental health forum will see it through the mental health lens and tend to say that my problems are in my head for the most part.

I feel nothing but sympathy though. As someone who’s been given many different labels and doesn’t fit any particular mold it’s hard to tell where we stand sometimes, and contrary to what I’ve said here at other times, definitive labels can be helpful to our own understanding. They’re something solid we can cling to/touch base on in the fluid nature of our own being.


Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 75 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 126 of 200
You are very likely neurotypical

These are my scores.

I wish I could express myself like you @Coldcomfort

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Your English is better than mine @valiumprincess. I need to be less ignorant. Sorry.

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It’s okay babe. I don’t think you were being ignorant. :heart:

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I scored slightly worse on the RAADS-R at the Aspie tests site. I average 144.3. I got my sister to score me to get an independent view and she scored me 163.

My sister scores me significantly higher for Social relatedness. My average 69.6,her score for me 86.

Re the difference in social relatedness scores : An interesting comment on the wrong planet forum.

Your sister may of scored you higher as you may lack self awareness.

My GF scored me higher because I didn’t have a clue I did things.


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