Asking for advice - losing a lot of money through cars and holidays


my husband has really spent the most ridiculous money on cars in the past 10 years and a lot on holiday time and a lot of luxuries (me and him)

I think it is stupid now we are having to move to a smaller place because of all the money we have borrowed and he wants to spend the difference on a nearly new car for even more ridiculous money
he is partly spending my money (in the property by downsizing) but his salary also pays all bills but i buy most of the food… i have less than him in day to day money but i have more in the property so that all evens out

mum thinks i am incredibly stupid to downsize at our ages in our prime

i have been told i will live 5 - 15 years by a chinese medical accupuncturist so i think it’s fine to blow it

it leaves me enmeshed with him if we split i would be worse off we are not thinking of splitting but i think he is getting more emotionally abusive lately
and i don’t know if i would get income from him

if i let him i would feel what’s in it for me in all fairness as i don’t drive much
If he didn’t buy out right at all we could probably put a tesla on finance
that would be cool
the model he wants of a french sporty car is a bit too flash and less expensive than a tesla
but i haven’t asked him that


What does an acupuncturist know about longevity? He’s not a medical doctor.

You need to encourage your husband to stop buying outside of both of your means, if you have any clout with him. Settle for a used car with a good safety rating, that’s good enough. Stop treating these luxury goods like a necessity when they’re not.


I doubt this person has any idea what they’re talking about. @naturallycured gave you good advice. I would go with that.


What does your husband say when you tell him you don’t want to buy a new car?