Previously I was taking Paliperidone for schizophrenia. But it cause Erectile Dysfunction for me.

Now, I have changed to Aripiprazole. But the problem is, it makes me feel very very sleepy. I mean, after taking Aripiprazole, I am sleeping 14 hours per day! If I wake up after 8 hours of sleep, I still feel drowsy.

Any ideas on how I can sleep with my usual 8 hours and still feeling fresh?

Thank you.


This seems like my experience with Clozapine. It went away after 2 months on it. :sunglasses:


I was very tired when I started aripiprazole, but it mostly went away after a while.


Just hang tight. You have to let things improve at least for s month. I personally didn’t like abilify but everyone reacts differently. I just started Latuda and am still psychotic. It takes time for it to work though. I get really bad nausea with it and it makes me not want to take it, but I know it’ll get better.


It’s crazy how everyone reacts differently. Abilify was too activating! That had to be removed immediately.


May I know how long does it take, for you, for the tiredness to went away?


I take this drug, it makes me quite drowsy. I’ve been taking it for a long time… It helps tremendously with paranoid and delusional symptoms though.


It never fully went away, to be honest, but most of it went away after a couple of months.


On abilify now and I can’t tell if it made me sleepy cause I am on Zyprexa and other meds, but I take mine in the morning and I don’t find issue staying awake. The med before Zyprexa was clozpine and that sucker not me the heck out. Couldn’t tolerate the stuff.


Thanks, Nova and everyone for the valuable sharing. Truly appreciate it.

I guess, I should stick to Aripiprazole for a few more months, and see if the long sleeping hours will go away.

Thank you so much, everyone :slight_smile: