See my psychiatrist tomorrow. Prolactin issues and more

Got an appointment for tomorrow. My prolactin was 2000 it’s very high. They did more tests on my blood (don’t know what for) and those results came back clear so it’s obviously the medication causing it.

Tomorrow we will discuss what to do. Also going to talk to her about my sex problem. I think I’m asexual. But it could be the medication.

I’m not sure if any amount of aripiprazole could lower that level of prolactin so I’m worried about what’s going to happen. However if it can I will go for it.

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Just a quick question. Does aripiprazole make you tired ? And when is the best time to take it. Morning or night ?

Since being on abilify I’ve been fatigued and I do sleep during the day aswell but it varies by person. Some people seem to be activated by it a lot.

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Thanks. I feel tired already often. I think it’s the paliperidone. I sometimes take naps or just lay down for an hour for some peace.


When I took aripripazole I had bad akathesia it was horrible. I was on Paliperidone and it helped, but gave me bad night time psychosis.

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I see my psychiatrist this week too, on Wednesday. The last days are being bad for me. I spent some days with my parents in their house and I have lived very stressful situations there. I couldn’t sleep last night. Normally Abilify makes me feel tired.

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I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight and that your appointment goes well.

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