My mom overwhelms me

she demands so so much of my time. i cannot seem to get away from her to take time space energy and effort on my own life’s behalf.

i am considering moving out but to her that’s as if i would divorce her.

i am so unhappy living with her.

this is really really bothering me.


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I think it’s good for you to move out. Don’t feel guilty about protecting your boundaries. That is your right.


Maybe you could arrange to visit her after you move out. Let her know that you’re grown up and need independence.


I encourage you to move if you can. If you can’t, create more distinct boundaries at home and spend more time doing things independently. I lived with my folks as an adult for 18 years, and it was tough. Making sure you maintain a seperate life is really important. Making sure you’re not being viewed as a child is really important. Mutual respect is a must. Good luck and blessings! :heart: