Can you accept being needy?

Because I have a very difficult time with that.

Well, whatever you need, its our fellow man’s crude virtue to monopolize it. To render it under their control. Once under their control, they control you. This is true even in the abstract realm of religion and love. Nothing is sacred… So, if you do have needs, don’t tell anybody about them. Keep them a secret. Don’t even admit you’re human. Because its too familiar… They’ll know you without even knowing you.

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Well, there are basic needs that are obvious - money, a house, food, clothing, companionship, etc.

In places like governments, do you really want basic needs like them to be arguments? Because thats what they’ll wind up being in the debate forum… “arguments”. “A fella needs to eat. Its a basic need.” (Insert argument). “A fella needs a roof over his head. Its a basic need.” (Insert argument). “A fella needs a destiny.” (Insert argument). The stuff only the mythical angels and demons talk about…

Better to not put a face on gawd.

No… even living out of a box, with a pickle jar for a toilet, I’ll only argue wealthy things. My true needs will one day, if I’m vigilant, be a secret. My human needs… And they’ll belong to me again.

I am needy. I live with my parents. On another note, I am getting into powerlifting and already have very solid stats (im 167lbs and my lifts total is over 1000lbs). I dont pay to go to school, I earned scholarships which pay for it. I made all A’s last semester. I take honors classes.

I live in my room and I dont even have a clue as to how to pay a utility bill or pay taxes.

I do depend on my parents, but other than that I am pretty high functioning for someone diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I just remind myself that I am still mentally ill, that I am not expected by society to amount to much, and that I try to disprove that stereotype.

I am on medication and in remission now, but I know that I am one pill away from it all coming back.

It’s not like my parents just pretend I don’t have anything wrong with me. On medication and in remission in great, but it’s not like I don’t have paranoid schizophrenia…it’s just covered up with medications.

I will be “needy” for the rest of my life; I will need a psychologist and psychiatrist forever, and I will need to take medications for the rest of my life. But once I have these needs fulfilled, I do very well, so I accept it as the only way to live with this condition.

That’s a great attitude, mortimermouse.

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When I was at my neediest I was too needy to realize it. Now that I realize I’m needy, I’m learning how to be more self sufficient.

I am needy. I live with my parents for which I pay $300 a month in rent. There’s no way I could get an apartment for that little. I am on SSI and food stamps, and Medical assitance. I rely on the Pell Grant and the State Grant for college, plus I had to take a loan out this year, because my dad has been unemployed for over a year. Once that situation changes, he’ll be able to pay the difference. I am constantly worried that my parents will die, and I will end up homeless. This is why I am in school–so I can become self-sufficient.

I, also, did not recognize need.